The Secret to Handling Overwhelm

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The Secret to Handling Overwhelm 

How do you shift from struggle to living in the flow of abundance?

What is the secret to attracting more money, more clients, more joy, more love, and/ or more harmony in my life?

The secret to manifesting abundance is the same secret to handling overwhelm.
I was the queen of overwhelm. You can ask my husband. Last night, we were laughing, remembering how I was so overcome with overwhelm and emotions in our early marriage that I didn’t even know if I could handle part-time employment.

Crazy? It’s true. I would cry for hours until I had monster eyes, all puffy from sobbing. I embraced my wounded child, grieving for all the hurts in my past. And I just couldn’t go to work for all the world to see my shame. I worked as a waitress when I was in college. But it felt scary to trust myself to show up for a job.

And often, from overwhelm, I retreated to depression. I slept for hours and escaped through books.

Have you ever felt overwhelm? Overwhelmed with learning technology, with juggling a business, with parenting, or with your finances?

Overwhelm is a signal to shift.
Not to stop or turn away or retreat… It is a clue that you are clenched in the grips of SELF- WILL.

Overwhelm is an opportunity to open up, to grieve, to ask for help and support, and to turn your life over to God or Divine Will. It is an opportunity to receive the assistance that is always here for us when we surrender.

So here’s what to do when feeling overwhelmed:

Write down what you need to do.
What tasks do you need to accomplish this week? Usually, when I feel overwhelmed I have too many tasks circulating in my head. I cannot latch on to any. I freeze up.

Overwhelm is a form of emotional paralysis.
What can I do today? What do I need to get done today that connects me to my vision?

Maybe it is just reaching out and setting up strategy calls, or looking at your finances, applying for a job, or reaching out to JV partners for your list build.

The feeling of overwhelm comes from being in scarcity mode. The feeling that there is not enough time, not enough resources, not enough support to get what you need to get done.

But if you stop and breathe, you have all that you need to do today.

Focus on the next step. And get it done. Commit to yourself.
When you keep your commitment to yourself, you shift. The action of movement can bust through a block, just as energy work can release the root. In fact, even with clearing your blocks, you still need to take action to align with your new energetic vibration.

You are a success, however small the action you just executed.

The action is up to you.


  1. Isabelle secretan

    Thank you, Dr Tera, I really enjoy reading you , your stylei is clear and light, cheers my up ! I enjoy the videos to, it is good to see you, I can follow … I really have more problems with the audios, it is not so clear , to much going on and I stay with the feeling not to know exactly what it is all about, no time to catch the affirmations… I am the only no native speaker in your group ? The spoken modern English has a lot a abbreviation hard to catch if you don t live in Amercica !!!! Thank you for your understanding !

    • Tera

      Thank you, Isabelle. When you listen to the group energy sessions, the energy is being moved, regardless if you understand the words. That’s the good news! You receive the same benefit. Yes, there are other non-native English speakers in the group. But let’s talk… Hugs, Tera

  2. Karie Millspaugh

    Great article Tera! I didn’t realize that the symptoms of overwhelm could lead and has in my life – to depression! This was a true eye opener for me… Now I can stay on top of my schedule before it leads to overwhelm !! Thank you!!

    • Tera

      Thanks, Karie. I am still learning about managing my schedule. But it helps to focus on the most important things.

  3. Eleanor

    How amazing are you Tera. I must have known you in another life. The posts on overcoming fear and now this one regarding overwhelm. I relate to everything you say and much of it feels like you’re talking about me haha. How wonderful to know the depths of such life stoppers have remedies, solutions and a way out, yet it takes many years to find. I know we are in the age of energy healing and it is fast spreading which is a good thing. Just reading your blog assists me in feeling so much lighter and now I can take more action. Thank you.


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