Thetreadmill of success

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Success Strategies

I’m going to get right to the point. If you are an entrepreneur and fall prey to these self-sabotaging habits, this is for you:

You know you are here for a greater purpose than:
Sprinting on a treadmill in your business, working so hard to achieve your goals, But often, falling short.

Or if you do achieve your goals, you question why you still feel discontented, wondering if there is more. You crave impact & influence, yet you are stuck in a loop.

What’s standing between you and your dream Is YOU.

It shows up as: 

  • Procrastination.
  • Perfectionism.
  • Busy energy.
  • Or working too much.

And it distracts you from birthing your dream into physical reality now.

Here’s what I observe:

There is a mindvirus in our society that praises working long hours, As if it’s a badge of honor. And we are a society of humans who live in our heads.

There are millions of humans who are stressed out and overwhelmed.
Numbing themselves with alcohol or technology. Alienated from their true source of power. And it’s not just an individual problem.

Every time you delay stepping into your greatness There are lives at stake… Human lives destroyed from sex trafficking, wars, crime, poverty, famine, abuse, and racial injustice. All violence stems from disconnection. From our Higher Selves.

And the thing is… There is a solution.
It comes from Divine connection… and I am not talking about an intellectualized spirituality.

I am referring to a knowledge so profound & embodied that it is evident in the results that show up in your life.


Observe how you feel in your body.

I believe we can create a heaven on earth. It is here already… And it starts within.

As you learn how to master Conscious Reality Creation, You become stewards of our heaven on earth.

Yet that cannot happen if you are making excuses for yourself, blaming your current reality, On your lack of time, Your spouse or kids, Cash money, Your employees in your company, Or a health challenge.

I know it can be painful to admit this. That we create EVERY ASPECT OF OUR REALITYYet in owning this truth we will awaken to our power as Divine Beings.

I am on a mission to assist 10,000,000 souls to breakthrough the blocks to inner freedom because as we become masters of our dream and in turn, serve our tribes, we create a critical mass that shifts this planet.

I know the insidious pain of living well beneath my potential for years before I discovered energy work. I was so familiar with the frustration & shame of self-sabotage. I muscled my way through graduate school on pure self-determination. I did it. But I was exhausted.

I knew that positive thinking was not sufficient as I carried so much emotional & ancestral baggage around.

But as I studied energy healing and applied it to my life, I began to break free from the old stories, wounds, and emotional triggers. It was easier to make empowering decisions. 
Energy work was a gift!

Yet I saw so many energy healers still struggling in lack. Likewise, as I built my company, i was in a community of other women entrepreneurs. We followed the same business strategy.

Why did I create a 6 figure business in 7 months when it took my peers 3 years?

Drawing upon my gifts in studying patterns, I developed the Conscious Reality Creation MethodTM. Which addressed the gaps I saw in mindset coaching, energy work, and life coaching.

As I applied my own medicine to my life I peeled off the layers of the ego
I learned how to master creating my reality, Awakening in my dream. And here, I discovered freedom.

I applied this method while working with our clients:

  • They multiplied their income.
  • Healed their relationships.
  • Improved their health & vitality.
  • And most importantly, connected deeply to their Higher Selves.

I am grateful for our clients, To witness their returning to who they truly are…Yet I was only scratching the surface..,

I asked:
¿How could I realize my vision of empowering more leaders to learn how to master creating a life and business they love?

I felt compelled to share this work in a live training & Activation


During this deep dive, you will:

  • Learn what your “Affluence Frequency” is
  • Release limiting beliefs & emotional blocks that may be keeping you from living in more freedom and affluence
  • Master how to use the Frequency of Freedom to accelerate results
  • Dissolve any energies around needing to struggle or “work hard”
  • Align your energy with your next greatest Vision
  • Learn how to bend time to accelerate your vision
  • Dissolve generational patterns that keep you in the loop of hustle and burnout
  • Smash through the upper limit ceiling most common for people like us
  • Receive crystal clarity on the next steps after this call

It’s a total frequency upgrade, working on the body, mind, and soul.

I will share THE Conscious Reality CreationTM and recent downloads to
How we created our dream life in Costa Rica.
How we built a business, family, & thriving health, Aligned with our vision.
Not from overworking but with ease and flow.

It will demystify all the Law of Attraction teachings, & why it sometimes doesn’t seem to work.
So you can make swift corrections to get the results you desire in your life.
I’m excited to share my life’s work with you.

To receive this upgrade say YES now and click the link to register

And if you are feeling it, please share with your friends. Let’s spread this message like wildfire.

The time is NOW.

This is how we awaken the planet.

                                                                                Much love,

P.S. Remember, living a life of freedom starts now.


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