These Words… What Makes Powerful Women Give Up

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Transcending the Upper Limit

“Why is this happening? Am I being punished? TELL ME WHAT TO DO!”

These are the words of a woman who appears to have it all together. She has had success in the past and has enjoyed the freedom of owning her own business.

Until one day, everything seemed to start going in slow motion. The business that set her free became her prison warden.

Chained to her laptop, on a constant hamster wheel of trying to figure out what went wrong. The clients stopped coming. The programs weren’t filling, and she started to wonder if the Universe was trying to tell her something. But what?

Have you ever felt this way? Things get hard, and you feel like you’re missing some lesson from God? And it’s SUPER frustrating because if you knew what the message was you would sure as hell listen to it!

Well you’re in luck, because I’ve seen this enough times that I can confidently translate the message for you, and here it is:


Don’t do another thing from your current vibration. Because it will continue to feel hard. There is a glitch in your system that has caused you to accidentally reprogram yourself to create from just the surface, conscious realm. Templates and blueprints and software and money going out but not coming in and chasing and hoping and even contemplating giving up.


This slow-motion loop of frustration is here for a reason. It’s not a lesson as much as it’s an invitation to a level you forgot was there. The NEXT level. The one that won’t look anything like what you’re used to because it’s BETTER than you could even imagine right now.

Think about that! You don’t want to fix things. You don’t want to put them back the way they were. What you want to do is RISE UP! Become who you were meant to be. Are you ready for that?

Here’s what you need to do:

You need to learn how to create your conscious reality from a SUB-conscious, higher realm.

Your templates and courses aren’t doing anything for you because you are trying to fix your problem with strategies that are limited to your conscious mind.

Think of it this way-

If you weren’t feeling well, you might start with a google search or webMD. And you might try a few things and it might even work for a while. But eventually, if your symptoms keep coming back, you aren’t going to mess around with internet searches anymore, you’re going to get yourself to a SPECIALIST!

The Conscious Reality Creation method is the specialist that works at your highest frequency to bring the things you imagine and feel in your subconscious mind right into your conscious real life!

It’s the secret back door entrance to bliss. And you know people who have walked through that door. They are the people you see living in total flow, manifesting opportunities and miracles, working in their light.

That door is available to you too …..

You can look at it, or you can walk on through. The choice is yours.

If you know in your heart that this unrest you’re feeling is a call to rise, go here now and fill out this form to speak with me. NO charge.

I want to talk to the people who are CLAIMING their invitation from the universe because those are the people who are truly ready to change the world. (And WOW does the world need change!!!)

If you know you’re one- one of the souls who has been placed here to LEAD, but you’re a little stuck on what it will look like, fill out this form and ASK. NO strings attached. I just want to hear your story and share my take on what it could mean for you!

                                                                                                                       Talk to you soon!


Tera Maxwell,PhD.
Chief Visionary
Founder of the Affluence Method


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