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by | Aug 19, 2020 | Freedom

I am a little reluctant to admit this as a leader & affluence coach:

If you had asked me a few years ago if I was available to receive more abundance & freedom,
my mind would have answered yes.

However, on an unconscious level,
I wasn’t available to receive all that the Universe had in store for me.

Though I had grown a multi-6 figure company, I had hit an upper limit.

After my biggest month in revenue,
I faced a rift with my family that set me on an emotional tailspin that served as the catalyst for my awakening.

Because addressing the subconscious patterns & energetic blockages is my expertise,
I knew there was something deeper because we can simply look at the evidence/ results we are creating in our lives.

I devoted the past few years to transmuting what was not in alignment.
Which means looking beyond what my ego wanted to keep hidden, to protect me.

I invested in over two hundred thousand dollars in mentorship,
I travelled to Peru.
I fasted & meditated.
I prepared my body for sacred plant medicine ceremonies.

I learned many humbling lessons along the way.
I discovered all the ways
I had been resisting increased abundance.

As I integrated these aspects
With my Higher Self…

I had to be willing to let go of relationships & frequencies that were holding me back.

I had to give myself permission to step fully into who I truly am.
Even if it meant leaving the past behind…

Please understand…

I was living a life of freedom. .
I worked with amazing leaders to assist them in breaking through their upper limits to create their freedom vision with grace & ease.

Yet for the next level of freedom for me & my family,
I had plateaued.

To hold the frequencies of these Affluence Codes so I could share with others, requires such fine-tuning because these Divine frequencies are pure.

There were lots of lessons,
Deepening of humility,
Moments of heartbreak and uncertainty…
Locking into the frequency of freedom
No matter what…

Through this journey I developed a deeper understanding of dissolving the blocks and patterns in my clients and the thousands of people I have assisted over the past 10 years as a coach & a healer.

The cool thing is…
When you blast open
the “I am available” factor,
You shift to the next level!

Here’s why I am sharing this…

My Soul is nudging me
To reveal what I have learned.
To save you the years & the turmoil.

For the FIRST time ever, I am running a 5 Day Challenge to access your Freedom Frequency so you can expand your capacity to manifest the next layers of freedom & abundance.

💫Unleashed: Breakthrough to the Next Level of Freedom & Abundance 💫

A FREE 5 Day Challenge to Expand Your Manifestation Capacity for Life & Business through Activating your Freedom Frequency

Begins Sunday, August 23rd-Thursday, August 27th

Receive video trainings everyday for 5 days to raise your frequency.

Day 5 is the Live Activation
Thursday, August 27th at 5 pm EST.

In this online 5 Day Frequency Upgrade you will :

💫 DISCOVER the 7 dormant AFFLUENCE CODES [out of 28 dormant Affluence Codes[ that upgrade you to the Frequency of Freedom] and walk away with a clear assessment of which ones are still awaiting activation in your field.

💫 DEACTIVATE BONDAGE CODES that create an upper limit on achieving your biggest goals and creating more abundance.

💫 LEARN how to activate the frequency of CERTAINTY to manifest your dreams with steadfastness and ease and eliminate self- doubt.

💫 UNLOCK your POWER as a conscious creator to create your life of freedom from a place of ease & flow.
UNDERSTAND the 5 AFFLUENCE CONTAINERS that anchor in the frequencies of the Affluence Codes so you can fully come online as your highest self & manifest like a galactic ninja.

💫 ACTIVATE dormant strands of energetic DNA in a channeled LIVE Activation on Day 5 to access more divine power & spiritual gifts.

💫 RECEIVE a profound DEACTIVATION of the 3 Bondage Codes that Curtail True Freedom so you can fully show up as the BadAss spiritual leader that you are.

💫 BE PART OF a global healing on AFFLUENCE & FREEDOM, De-Activating BONDAGE CODES THAT CREATE AN UPPER LIMIT ON ACHIEVING ONE’S GOALS and activating the dormant strands of DNA necessary to awaken, to heal the collective and activate an influx of FREEDOM & AFFLUENCE into the whole world, for all of humanity to access and enjoy.

If you would like to join this 5 Day Frequency Upgrade,
Type “Freedom” in the comments & I’ll share the invite link.

💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫

Much love,


P.S. If you feel inspired, please share this with your friends. Perhaps, we can collectively shift how we see our current reality.


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