We are to meant to thrive…

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Transcending the Upper Limit

We were meant to thrive beyond our stories. To glean the wisdom and treasure from our experiences.

Instead, we let the past define our present. We live with perceived limitations.

We make love with struggle.


Because it is comfortable,

Like a Lazy-Boy chair, we sink into what we KNOW.

Because the unknown frightens us.

The first step to shifting this pattern & become free is changing our stories.

We get to choose.

Observe the stories you tell about yourself.

Analyze the stories the government & media & others narrate.

How does it register in your body?

If it feels light, it is an empowering story.

If it feels heavy or promotes fear and negativity, it may not be a story to subscribe to or make your own.

Every moment we get to choose our stories.

This is the most potent use of the MIND/ EGO.

What stories will we tell about who we are today? About how our past has shaped us?

About who we are becoming?

What collective story will be choose for our mother earth?

As humans, we love to tell stories.

And if your current reality and challenge is so compelling that it feels daunting to tell another story,

make that your #1 focus.

You’ve got to be bigger than your story.

Your new story has got to have more emotional zing than the story that is keeping you at a plateau, unhealthy, broken, or broke.

What is your breakthrough story? Your story of the hero’s journey, of how you overcame this challenge and became the highest version of yourself because of this experience.

Write it down. Ponder it. Discuss with a friend. Because in the act of sharing, you shift your frequency to vibe at this new story. You’ll notice this is happening if you start feeling inspired.

​This is one way we can shift our current timeline.

And if you liked this message, go ahead and let me know. I love to hear from you.

​Evolve and Be Free

Much love,



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