What a sea turtle taught me about living in certainty

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

When a mama sea turtle is ready to lay her eggs, she knows instinctively the direction back to her birthplace where she will nest because she is designed with a natural homing device.

Sea turtles swim thousands of miles, sometimes traveling from the other side of the world, to return to where they were born.

Similarly, as humans, we are born with a spiritual homing device. I call it our Quantum GPS™.

When we connect to our Divine eternal essence (that which pulses through every living and non-living thing in the Universe), we intuitively know what step to take.

What is the highest aligned action & direction for our lives?

When we listen to our navigation system, we are aligned with the flow of the Universe.

When we choose, of our own free will, to sync up our will and with the will of our Creator, we experience synchronicities.

We feel increased ease and flow in our daily activities.

We feel peace and joy and freedom.

Yet, many people have not activated this homing device.

They disregard their intuitive nudges.

They have silenced it or turned it off because of childhood imprints.

Or the guidance is dulled through ingesting all the pollutants, processed food, and toxins in our western world.

The constant mind chatter can create such noise that we cannot hear our inner truth.

The ego wants to be right, figure it out, do things our way, afraid of giving up power or control, and wanting to stay safe and in the familiar.

So even when we have access to our inner guidance, the ego-mind can overpower the subtle whispers and heart promptings from our soul.

The solution is to activate your Quantum GPS™.

So that more of us can make decisions with clarity, certainty, and confidence.

So that we can awaken to our truth as Divine creators and become empowered to shift to a new paradigm for our earth.

I’m feeling called to share this technology with you. It’s something I have honed and developed over the past decade. ​

PM me or share below if you are interested, and I’ll include you on the waiting list.

I’m super excited to share. I’ll be doing a free training soon!

💫 Evolve and Be Free 💫

Much love,



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