What I Downloaded In Peru

by | May 31, 2019 | Sacred Plant Medicine

I completed a 22 deep immersion in Peru

Working with plant medicines.
Intermittent fasting.
Eating only vegetables.
No oil or salt.
Days of silence.
Away from my family for 5 1/2 weeks


To access the next layer of freedom, through facing my shadow. Healing those patterns that do not serve.

My purpose is to assist in the awakening of humanity (like many of you) To share & activate leaders to hold the frequency of true affluence.

So they can share this with others. And we create a ripple effect of awakening on the planet.

Yet, here’s the thing;

What I saw in ceremony
Was where I was out of alignment with my message. 
When I have acted out of fear, scarcity, or lack,
When I have judged myself or others,
When I have loved conditionally,
Or perpetuated family patterns.
Where I have fallen short as a wife and a mother.
These may be small refinements, but when we are willing to SEE it and shift, the results are exponential.

I saw my spiritual ego, so slippery & subtle, and how without constant viligance & discernment we can allow darkness to infiltrate & influence. And to evolve as leaders requires transmuting that darkness into love.

I left here with a deep knowing, embodying the Frequency of inner freedom.

And from this place of inner peace, I received the AFFLUENCE CODESI literally downloaded the energy transmission! My entire body was vibrating
With complete freedom & bliss.

I was given instructions on how to share these codes with others.

The basic premise is this:

As you receive these codes and learn how to embody these frequencies in your 12 dormant strands of DNA, You fully come online as a conscious creator. Fully embodying your sovereignty.

This is how we access the 5th dimension, Anchoring in heaven on earth.

While in Peru, I received guidance to share these Affluence Codes with the world in a channeled Activation.

I get to share it with you!

It’s a deep training I usually reserve for my clients.

But what I have received is not just for my clients… it is for the world.

I’ll be sharing a channeled Activation to de-activate Bondage Codes, what has kept humanity enslaved and often caps entrepreneurs from getting to the next level of success.

And much more!

If you want to receive these codes and join me for this 3-hour workshop, drop below “PERU” To honor this magical country, Where I have received so much.

And I’ll send you the link.

                                                                                          Much love,

P.S. Affluence is your birthright.


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