What I learned the hard way… about manifesting

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

It’s hard to admit this…
The reason I desired to become an expert at manifesting affluence was this:

CONTROL—I wanted to control my environment.

If I could master manifesting
I’d create the life of my dreams.
I could create more freedom.


Because if I could live in CERTAINTY that I knew how to manifest, whenever I wanted something…
Not random manifestation…

I felt safe…

Of course, I was not conscious of this hidden driver.

It took years of deep inner work,
Shedding layers of control,
Discovering the sweetness of surrender

And seeking to align my will to Divine will,
To even become aware of this deeper program
And de-activate the layers of Control in my field.

My body of work is the Affluence Codes… [codes are beliefs & programs]
I help leaders access deeper layers of freedom & abundance through activating dormant Affluence Codes.

So de-activating Control was (and still is) an important part of my journey… as I now teach & share what I’ve learned with others.

Control is a false program.
It’s one of the Bondage Codes that has been placed in the SLAVE Grid [container of beliefs & programs] that keeps humanity enslaved, and yes, under control.
It is such a deeply entrenched program & especially prevalent for high achievers (who are the clients who come to me).

Control kinks up the flow of manifestation.
So even if a person achieves success, abundance, and freedom,
Their success is capped.

And there is so much more freedom & abundance that is available in this Infinite Universe.
But it is only accessible to the degree that we can surrender.

The desire to control is not aligned with the Divine
It is not motivated by the Light

It’s true that if you understand the Laws of the Universe you can manifest more consistently.

But the caveat is this:

If we desire true affluence & freedom,
Not simply focused on accumulating wealth and controlling outcomes & events

True abundance comes when we align our will with Divine Will.

Surrender & Trust,

Knowing that we are already whole & complete.

💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫



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