What If Awakening Was As Simple As Coming Fully Online?

by | May 3, 2019 | Awakening

To awaken to the truth of who you are: YOU ARE DIVINE.

Do you remember? Let’s go back in time, before your birth:

You are about to embark on a mission. 

You are given your assignment to assist humanity in awakening. You have chosen your drop-in location and human family to enter the 3D world. You selected the DNA patterns and codes in your human’s lineage to best support your evolution.

You know there is much darkness in this earthly territory, but you are well familiar with the Laws of the Universe:

⭐️Light prevails over Darkness.
⭐️Free will.
⭐️Your Sovereignty.

You are confident. You are well-equipped to handle this task. In fact, it almost seems easy, you were well advised about the veil of forgetfulness.

Yet here at home, in the presence of GOD it is difficult to imagine choosing anything but love.

The human body serves as your guidance system. Emotions give you clues when you are “hot” “cold” or “warm” in alignment with your soul. 

The human body will be your ally & compass for your mission.

Do you remember? This 3D Reality you are currently experiencing is but a fragment of the truth.


It’s a simple as choosing your frequency. When you are on a frequency of love, freedom, Abundance, you are aligned with the truth of your soul.

Here’s the Key:

Make alignment to your soul, MAKE FREQUENCY your #1 priority & your success is inevitable.

To accelerate the process it is wise to Disable any false programs, malware and viruses, currently running your operating system.

If you are reading this far, this message is for you…

And if you would like support in coming fully online, I just shared a channeled Activation & Training  to lock you into the frequency of your soul. It was super powerful what came through and it is here to share…


Because we need you, the world needs you…

This is how we shift the planet...


                                                                          Much love,


P.S. Remember, living a life of freedom starts now.


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