When It Feels Like You Are Falling Apart

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

I am feeling such gratitude and joy today, but that was not true for me last week. I cut a video about my journey over the last couple weeks, and shed a few tears.

Don’t judge the tears.

I received an outpouring of advice from well wishers about my sadness. And I appreciate the love. Yet they missed the point.

Those tears are a portal to alignment. I was integrating a younger version of myself.

Expressing our emotions frees up our energy to flow.

And flow is critical to manifesting your dream.

Celebrate the tears. They mark the christening of the next level of my awakening.

Here’s what I know:

So many people dream about manifesting freedom, including money flow in their business, but what’s not discussed is the deep inner work that creates the alignment for manifesting one’s dream in business.

Consciously creating our reality means accessing our power as Divine Beings.

The caveat is that to be 24/7 living as a Sovereign Being, we must observe and heal the human aspects of ourselves. We do this through love…

That’s what this video is all about.

Click below to watch it, and leave your comments so we can start a conversation.

I hope this share gives you permission to be, to express, and to let go.


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