Why Is The Law Of Attraction Not Working?

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

Recently, a woman shared her frustration in not attracting more income. She was not seeing results with The Law of Attraction. She has tried everything!
She wrote, “I am living in the flow, but I am still struggling financially. I need more income. Why isn’t this working?”
I shared with her this mental checklist, which I will share with you, to diagnose what you are missing in your Law of Attraction practice, which I will share with you.
Rather than concluding: The Law of Attraction isn’t working. The proper response is evaluate where you need to modify your thoughts, feelings, and habits.
Everything is Energy. Every thought-form vibrates at a particular frequency. Your present financial state is a result of past thought-forms.
When clients approach me with the wish to attract more income, it is easy as an outsider to pinpoint where they are sidestepping important principles of the Laws of Abundance.
Here’s a simple checklist to evaluate your practice of The Law of Attraction:
1. Are you crystal clear on your vision?
2. Do you read your vision statement morning and night?
3. Are you vigilant to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts? Do you practice gratitude for all the daily miracles in your life?
4. Do you immerse yourself in books, audio books, and courses that remind you to shift to an abundance mindset?
5. Have you released your subconscious blocks that have kept you from manifesting success?
6. Do you take responsibility for everything that shows up in your life and change your attitude, behaviors, and thoughts when necessary? In other words, are you free from victim energy?
7. Are you taking inspired action every day to move you toward your vision?
8. Have you replaced resentment with forgiveness?
9. Have you aligned your Will with Divine Will?
10. Are you fully committed to your vision?
Creating an affluent life and properly employing the Laws of Abundance, including the Law of Attraction, is a spiritually transformative path. It is so much more than simply your ability to attract more income.
If this is at all confusing, or you need clarification here, go ahead and click here. Let’s dive into what is stopping you to get you moving forward.I have a few more spots to help you through this process to get you on a clear path to manifesting more income this year.I hope that helps!Much love,


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