Why we experience challenges?

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Conscious Business + 5D Business

You are designed to live your Divine Purpose.

When you are not fully aligned and on track, The Universe lovingly gives you feedback.

❤️ A person, event, or circumstance shows up to create in you a trigger.
You are invited to release the emotional block & limiting belief, to let go of this aspect of the ego; your human self.

❤️ If you do not receive the signal, you will be delivered a message from your body. You may experience a bodily illness or injury to get your attention, so you can SEE what is not in alignment.  [This is not always so… we do not need to judge ourselves or others for illness or injury. The point is to view your dis-ease with curiosity, & stay open to the loving messages of the body].

❤️ If you still do not get the message, the Universe may deliver a sign through someone else’s accident or illness.

Note: we do not need to blame ourselves.

We are creators of our reality.

So, if you are creating this reality, as the Divine Being who you are, and everything is for the highest good,

Ask yourself with love:
Why this?
What am I to learn from this?

People can take this framework and slip into judgment. [I share this from so much experience walking through my fair share of challenges].

This is missing the point………The key to everything is LOVE.

This is YOUR DREAM and you are designed to awaken to your Higher Self.

……………..Are you listening?

I hope this serves.

PS: Remember, you can live your dream now!



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