Why we play to access the next level of affluence

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Abundance and Affluence

As the sun dipped below the horizon,
8 entrepreneurs slathered blue clay clumps onto each other’s bodies.
My 9-year-old Malena served as our muse—
Intuitively choosing what tribal design to mark our caked skin.
Reminding us of the purity of playfulness.
Because play is a gateway to our divinity. 💫

Yes, the Blue Clay invigorated us!

Our smiles cracked to the point of discomfort.
Creating geometric puzzles of hardened earth on our skin.

As the Pura Vida Blue Clay facilitator Fern Olivia pointed out,
Blue clay detoxifies & pulls out old programs & limiting beliefs from the body.

It gets rid of the 3D crap in our bodies.

It was true!
One of our clients felt lighter afterwards. Releasing old resentments from his liver.

After the blue clay body mask,
We nibbled on the finest high-vibe raw ceremonial cacao bars handmade by Dr. Greg Damato in Puerto Viejo.

With open hearts, we dove into the waves.

This was one of many activities during the Return to Affluence Live 4-day event in Nosara.

8 impact-driven leaders gathered together to upgrade soul memory to play at the highest level.

We unhooked from fear programs that enslave humanity:

Ignorance, Doubt, Attachment, Suffering, Projections, and more to come when they return home. [shout out to Sofia Codes]

We dissolved the Bondage Codes, aka false programs that act as malware in our biocomputers.

It wasn’t merely clearing blocks or shifting mindset.
Though that happened too.

These galactic activations were designed as the systematic override to recall soul memory.

Why is this so important?

Because the only thing that stops us from our greatness is our fear & human RESISTANCE.

And when you dissolve the root of that resistance,
You experience more grace & ease.

You become unstoppable.

My work with leaders is to facilitate the anchoring of heaven on earth.
Which means empowering entrepreneurs to experience this level of freedom internally,
And hold their soul-aligned vision as they materialize their dream into the physical.

The thing is…

We played,
We laughed,
We cried,
We dove deep,
We mediated,
We watched the sunset,
We splashed in the waves.
We received the latest galactic upgrades to support awakening to the next levels of abundance.

And I am grateful to our breathwork facilitators Ashley LudmanJerad Ports, & Lau Mdz who assisted us in accessing the quantum field & deeper healing.

Clients went home
Feeling increased confidence,
Feeling empowered,
A deeper certainty
And connection to their vision.

And the flow & synchronicities started happening immediately!

And everyone shared their unique codes:

Money Codes,
Prosperity Codes
Kundalini Codes
Marketing Codes
Teacher Codes
Surfing Codes
Leader Codes
Breathwork Codes
Intuitive Codes

We shared our unique medicine with each other
Because it’s a universal truth
we are not meant to do this alone.

We rise at an accelerated rate when we come together,
The Divine paradigm is Co-Creation.

I’m sharing this
Because the results are exponential
When we surround ourselves with high-vibe peers & mentors.

When we de-activate the limiting programs that hold us back.

This is how we embody the frequency of affluence.

And it starts with doing less.
Playing more.

Who here is ready to play their way to access the next level of abundance?

💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫

❤️️ Tera

P.S. If you are ready to play at this level, and want to explore working together, use the messenger widget at the bottom right corner of this page for a non-obligatory chat to apply. 🙏


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