Why You Keep Getting In Your Own Way

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Abundance and Affluence

I just finished surfing with my coach Jordan. So exciting! I caught more waves today with his guidance than I caught the last 5 days of surf sessions on my own. It made me think about you and why you might be getting in your own way.

“Your only problem is confidence.” my coach Jordan pointed out,  “You get timid when you approach the wave. Stop second-guessing. You’re a good surfer. You’ve got this! ”

I consider myself confident. I speak on stages. I am comfortable in my skin. But give me a new skill set to learn [that I don’t excel at], and that old pattern comes up.

Click here to watch a silly video of me surfing, and you’ll see what I mean.

Tera Maxwell surfing December 2015 from Tera Maxwell on Vimeo.


Here’s why I’m sharing this: confidence is the number one predictor of your success. And I am not referring to external confidence. Surface bravado can only get you so far. I am talking about the internal confidence on the subconscious level that you will absolutely do what you say you are going to do.

Our blocks and limiting beliefs can get in the way. And a dip in your confidence can get us a few degrees away from our goal, almost there, but missing the mark.

Most people try to figure this out on their own. But if you’ve been trying at this for years and you still aren’t getting the results you want, changing your subconscious patterns is the missing piece.

Take my surfing, for example. I spent 5 days surfing, and no waves. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Other surfers were catching waves. But my surf coach connected me to my confidence. He eliminated my mental chatter so I could just commit to the wave.

It’s not your bank account, the economy, your partner, or your job loss that is at the root of your problems.

Your thoughts are cramping up your success. Before you even get started.

So here’s an exercise that will help you shift and get clarity on your next step.

  1. What do you really want in your life? Write it down in one sentence.
  2. List 10 obstacles standing between you and what you really want.
  3. Reframe each obstacle as an empowering affirmation.

For example, if your obstacle is:

I don’t have enough clients. Write: I am grateful for an abundant flow of clients.

I don’t have enough money. Write: I am creating an increasing amount of money every day.

I get in my own way. Write: I am my trusted advocate and ally of success.

So here’s the thing. If you are aligned energetically with the affirmations that you just wrote down, you will ABSOLUTELY realize your vision.

I’m talking about on a gut-level that these affirmations strike a deep chord within your soul. Anything less, is artificial, from the head, and that keeps us falling short. And repeating the affirmations over and over is like sticking a band-aid on an old wound.

That’s why you need to work with your subconscious programming to get aligned with your true desires.

Much love,


P.S. My office is winding down for the holidays.

But if you are ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to rocking out 2016, and you know that reprogramming your subconscious patterns and releasing emotional blocks is the final piece of YOUR success equation, click here and let’s chat. I’m here to support you.


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