You and the flow of affluence

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Awakening

Yesterday, I sat in a shallow tide pool. Small waves rushed through the rocky channel, and I practiced the art of surrender.

Quieting the mind.

Allowing the waves to crash over me.

Breathing in presence.

I let go of trying to control. I let go of trying to figure things out. I surrendered to the flow of the Universe. That seemingly insignificant gesture opened me up to a flow of miracles and opportunities.

I’m sharing this because what stops you from the flow of AFFLUENCE is your desire to control. How programmed you are from the limiting beliefs, false programs, generational patterns,& emotional imprints that keep you from true surrender. When you surrender, you experience increased affluence.

My mission is to support you in the process of awakening to who you truly are as a powerful creator.

Take a breath, surrender to what is & see what happens.


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