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by | Jun 16, 2020 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting, Success Strategies

There is a fundamental flaw in the personal development industry.

It’s driven by an unconscious belief that “I am not enough.”

And I have seen this same driver in so many of the impact-driven clients I work with.

It’s a flaw because all the affirmations, clearing blocks, getting clear on your vision, receiving upgrades will never be enough if at our core
We feel we are not enough.

And this program is the biggest lie!
That goes against your very Divine nature..


You are not broken.
There is nothing to fix.
Everything is here for your highest good.

Ironically, when you surrender to the frequency of knowing you are whole & complete,

Once you embrace this truth,
You look in the frequency
Aligned with the desires of your soul.
You are more able to trust & surrender to your journey..

And in this state you experience increased flow,
You manifest more easily.

And so when you approach “self-help”, energy work, & plant medicine
With the foundation
That you are perfect already.

Fuelled by the desire to expand and grow to the next level,

Just as a beautiful flower in it’s perfection
Naturally stretches to magnify its Divine essence & its petals unfold to absorb the light of the sun.

From this frequency…
You have the power to move mountains.

You live in Certainty.
Because self-doubt & not trusting yourself is not congruent with knowing you are whole & complete.

It is simply not possible to believe you are whole & complete & entertain self-doubt.

So the question is…
Will you accept this truth of your Divine Perfection now?

I hope this serves.

And if you are feeling called to dive deeper on this topic, I’m sharing a FB live tomorrow.


This is my four-step process I use with my clients so they navigate their lives & businesses with increased ease & flow.

You will walk away with knowing how to:

💫 Lock-In Certainty to Manifest Your Vision with Ease
💫 Eliminate Self-Doubt to increase Confidence
💫 Collapse Timelines for faster manifestation
💫 Anchor in the frequency of what you create in the quantum field.

And beyond the words, this is an energy transmission from my galactic guides to support you in remembering what you have always known.

I invite you to join us for the FB live tomorrow.

💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫

Much love,
Tera See Less


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