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by | Sep 7, 2019 | Freedom

 Wow. I’m feeling so grateful..
I just finished channeling the Affluence Codes Mastermind Activation for my Mastermind Clients.
They are such powerful souls—impact-driven leaders who are here to shift the planet.
We activated the Eden Code, (one of the 24 Affluence Codes), which allows us to anchor in heaven on earth. 
Recalling our soul memory of who we are as Divine Creators.
And dissolving the Perfectionist Code which smothers the joy out of life.
I love my work…
Because my life purpose is helping leaders de-actívate the Bondage Codes that keeps most of humanity capped from experiencing true freedom.
And Activating dormant Affluence Codes—beliefs & programs to remember & embody their soul memory of who they are as Divine Creators of their reality. 
When we dissolve all the distortions in our fields,
We align to our truth.
To freedom.
To abundance.
When we create our lives & businesses,
Aligned with our souls,
We experience increased flow.
Because Affluence is our birthright. 
But it requires clearing up the energetic & mental gunk that clogs up the flow of abundance that is designed for us,
If we will receive.
I share this because what lies before us
In the quantum field,
Are Infinite possibilities.
We have the power to choose:
And this power to choose starts with this NOW moment.
When you make your frequency your #1 priority. 
And get on the frequency bandwidth of your vision.
Like a radio dial on a radio,
You tune into the channel of your desire…
It’s a simple & profound as this.
The “work” of materializing that desire lies in the details.
It’s not just tuning into what you want.
It’s remembering how to EMBODY that frequency…
until it becomes who you are…
💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫
❤ Tera
P.S. Because my clients have seen such powerful results from activating these Affluence Codes.
And my true desire is to see everyone reach this state of freedom,
I have decided to share this special training for FREE to serve humanity.
The Affluence Codes Activation is a powerful channelling & training that I created as a bonus, pre-term Training for my clients.
If you desire to dive deeper into the Affluence Codes,
Here’s the link to the Activation.


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