You were perfectly prepared for this time

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

Which means there is no need to fret or worry.
Because as the systems of darkness seek to control humanity through fear & confusion,
We are being signaled to
Remember who we are:

A soul in a human body.

Your essence is pure light.
You are pure love.
You were never anything but love.
You chose to experience the contrast so you could expand
And increase your joy
In the exquisite journey from forgetting to remembering.

As you tune into the frequency of your soul’s truth,
You are more powerful than you could possibly fathom.

With your breath & intention,
You can transmute whole worlds.
Which means legions of darkness vanquished,
Governments overthrown,
Systems dismantled,

When we choose…

When we unify our hearts & intentions
And choose to co-create together.

We live during the most exciting time in human history.
This is the dawn of a new era.

It’s important to surround yourself in the higher-dimensional frequencies
Until you can ground and stabilize your soul frequency in your body.

As we sync up with Ascension of our Mother Earth.

Alchemize anger or lower vibrational emotions that you may feel in response to recent events into fuel.
To connect to your passion,
To devote to your divine purpose.

Ask your guides,
💫 What is the next soul-aligned action?

💫 How can I surrender more deeply into service?

💫 How is this for me?

Because each time the systems in power seek to control us,
With nonsensical restrictions,
We will continue to grow in strength & power,
Which makes the darkness shrivel up Until it becomes a distant memory.

🌍 Let’s dream together
Of a pristine beloved earth.
When we live in harmony with the land,
In harmony with each other.
When every human being is connected to their Divine self.
When every person is living on purpose.
Contributing through work that brings them joy.
When every human understands & accesses the resources to follow their dreams.
This is true affluence.
In alignment with our Mother Earth.

Who is joining me in this dream?

Drop a 🌍 below or add to the conversation: what you are imagining & creating? It starts with our imagination…

💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫

Much love,


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