#1 Success Question to Ask Yourself

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I believe it is in our spiritual DNA to stretch. Unless you are stretching everyday, every week, you are stuck in atrophy. We are designed to progress.
So here’s #1 Success Question to Ask Yourself:

Are you stretching yourself? Are you taking leaps? 

I shared with you that I enrolled in an endurance coaching program and signed up for a half-marathon in San Diego.

A few of you wrote back: “oh, I already did that. I can run marathons.” I love that, and thank you for your comments.
But listen here:

The marathon is not the point. The point is that I created an environment for myself to STRETCH.
It could have been piano lessons, public speaking, or learning new parenting skills. I chose an area where I personally needed to patch up the holes in my mindset.
I SET MYSELF up for SUCCESS (and you can too!)

I have a clear winning plan, a coach, and a community so I cannot fail. 

And I’m sharing this because that’s what I see missing when I talk to many of you. You don’t yet have a clear path on how to get what you want. You want more cash flow, but you don’t know how much you will be increasing your revenue 6 months or a year from now.

Or you know you need coaching and community, but you stop at the money story. Or you put off taking a leap into the unforeseen future. The challenge is that you are delaying the QUANTUM SHIFT that happens when you choose to accelerate your success.

On Saturday, I ran 7 miles for the first time in several years. Since I moved to Annapolis, I wanted to see if I could run to the historic downtown on my own. It was only a few miles, and the thought of allowing my legs to get me there delighted me.
But I felt resistance about going there on my own. It was a new route. The distance was further than I am used to. What if I couldn’t get back? What if a car hit me? (you know the mind chatter)…  I almost didn’t do it.

But I felt such joy running down Main Street and seeing the water. All because I took the leap.
You cannot rest on your laurels of past accomplishments.
It doesn’t matter you have published a book, finished a marathon, completed your PHD, birthed multiple babies, won awards in your field, or earnde multiple 6 figures this year. I’m not discounting those accomplishments. That is great!
The point is: what are you doing TODAY to stretch? 
You know you are on the right path when you think about what you want this year, and you FEEL that success is inevitable. That is my specialty–getting clients to that certainty, confidence, and clarity.

If you don’t have that certainty, there is a gap.


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