#1 Secret Habit to Attracting More Income

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I am taking time off for the next two weeks to enjoy my family and celebrate Christmas. This year, my kids are getting snowboard gear for Christmas. Shhhh! Don’t tell!

I confess–I am so excited about these gifts because I LOVE snowboarding. It was the premise for my first date with my husband. A year later, we eloped and married at Lake Tahoe. We honeymooned at Heavenly Ski Resort.

So I feel joy to share this passion with my children.

For several years, we put snowboarding on hold. Dissertation, moving to sunny states, pregnancies, and financial priorities. So I am delighted to squeeze in this joy back into our family life.
Because for me, snowboarding is about connecting: to a passion, to my self, to my husband, to my family, to the present, and to the outdoors.

Your success in life depends upon your ability to master this key habit. And this message fits in perfectly with the  holidays.
So today, I share what I know about the secret sauce to attracting more income and (also enjoying the holidays). 

Click on the video below to hear me share the secret sauce to accessing more joy and income. Listen to the end. I share an energy-clearing exercise to shift your energy and open you up to receiving more of what you want in your life.

Here is the secret, and it seems so simple:

Your ability to connect.

Connection is the currency for your new Economy.

Here’s a connection exercise, which I enhance with an energy-clearing in the video to assist you in creating those connections.

Say these out loud:
  • Why am I connected to my self?
  • Why is it easy to maintain connections to others.
  • Why is is easy to keep my heart and mind connected? 
  • What am I connecting with everyone I meet?
  • Why is it safe to be vulnerable? 
  • Why am I staying present? 
  • Why am I seeing the Divine in everyone I meet? 
  • Why is it easy to stay open and connected?


I hope you enjoyed this shift just in time for the holidays!

Leave me your thoughts below and let’s start a conversation.


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