How do you shift the money blues? How do you react when unexpected expenses or adversities crop up? Are you a pro at maintaining prosperity thinking?

3 Tips to Shift the Money BluesLast week, my husband noticed water dripping from our upstairs shower. We called the plumber right away. The next day, my car started revving loudly, so it needed to go into the shop. $1900 worth of work.

And on the same day, one of our air conditioning units stopped working. All within 48 hours.

“This is no coincidence,” I pointed out to my mom.

She shrugged, “Your house is several years old. Your car is not new. Things just happen. It’s just wear and tear.”

“No,” I insisted, “This is not. It is a direct reflection of my recent thoughts and behaviors.”

These 3 events were way out of the norm for our family. I teach about prosperity, and we have been blessed to manifest much abundance in our lives. This time, the Universe claimed my attention.

What was I doing to create this unwanted stream of events?

Confession time: my mom and grandmother were visiting. And I started down that slippery slope of a familiar but unhealthy pattern of family gossip. It was not malicious–but involved taking other family members’ inventory and wrapping our minds into solving their problems (unasked) when I just need to focus on being the creator of my own life.

And while we were talking, I felt sick, but just ignored it. I was following that deep groove of relating and connecting to my mom–while talking about others. And it was enticing.

And it was bigger than this, I was enacting a long history with my mom, coaching her and trying  to get her unstuck, when she didn’t really ask for my help or advice.

The Universe spoke. My body spoke. My energy was zapped.

I quickly turned this around by paying attention. I laughed at the silliness of these events. I felt grateful for the help I received from my plumber and contractor, from the autoshop, and the air conditioning technician. I was glad to have the financial resources to pay for these expenses. I prayed to God and asked for forgiveness and resolved to do better. I discussed this unhealthy pattern of relating with my mom. I knew that during a challenging week that things were just about to get really, really good. My commitment to my vision was being tested.

By asking the question, how am I creating this is in my life? You are positioned to shift.

3 Tips to Shift the Money Blues

Here are the 3 tips I used to shift the money blues or out of scarcity thinking back to prosperity thinking:

  1. Ask the question: how am I creating this in my own life? And change what is necessary.
  2. Find gratitude for the blessings.
  3. Stay committed to your vision. Dig down deep. It is going to get really good if you push on through.

I am in the middle of launching a group program Attract Your Ideal Client Bootcamp, which starts August 6th. I am so excited about this new direction for my business as I help entrepreneurs create fully booked practices, but this last week definitely tested my resolve.

Maintaining prosperity thinking takes mastery–otherwise, the entire world would be prosperous.

What are your thoughts on my reaction to last week’s challenges? What do you do when your resolve to living in the flow of abundance is tested?