When you clear an emotional block through energy healing, is that block gone for good? Or does the problem come back?
You may not know this about me: But since becoming a mother,

I developed a fear of heights.

Prior to motherhood, I could jump off a ledge with a bungee cord. Or from a rocky cliff plunged into a chilling lake below.

But the fear of heights befriended me late in life.

Energy work can release deep-seated fear, anger, or other emotional blocks so you can heal.
You know it works because a situation that used to trigger you, no longer bothers you.

Many clients ask me whether the emotional block is gone for good.

When the block is released, it doesn’t have the same hold over you anymore.
What one client shared, “It’s like you can step out of your old story.”

Or another, “The negative thoughts still come, but you notice them as more of an observer. You feel you can choose a positive thought.”

For me, those butterfly fears befriended me after my first child, 18-months-old, was pushed off the playground equipment. I was standing next to her on the platform.

Her 3-year-old friend impulsively pushed her. Up 12 feet high, my daughter flipped 360 degrees into the air and landed splat on her face. Fortunately, the playground surface softened her fall. But we took her to the doctor for a possible concussion.

I cringed with guilt that she would be injured permanently. That I should have done a better job protecting her. She was unscathed. But this incident left a mark on my heart.

Now, my breath catches when I see my children climb up high on playground equipment. I don’t even like the Ferris Wheel. Perched up high on the seat of a Ferris Wheel, I peer at the landscape below. My legs melt to jello.

When my daughter celebrated her 6th birthday at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, she took her classmates on the amusement rides. A few girls wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel. They asked me to accompany them.

“Let’s go on another ride.” I suggested. “I am afraid of heights.”

The posse of Montessori 6-year-olds suggested, “Why don’t you clear it?”

I was caught.

 “That’s a good point.”
My daughters’ friends were familiar with my energy work and energy healing. And they were only repeating what I had suggested to them about the roller coaster rides.
So I worked on releasing the fear of heights. And I accompanied them on the Ferris Wheel. The fear completely disappeared. What a joy and relief to enjoy the ride with these children!
But later, the fear returned.
And I share this because sometimes you work on releasing an emotional block, only to see it return later.
When that happens, it isn’t that the energy healing did not take.
The issue lies in your investment.
Are you more invested in releasing the block for good or keeping the issue?
What is the payoff in staying the same?
There is always an energetic payoff in staying where you are right now. Otherwise, you would shift.
For me, I am invested in the fear of heights. I could clear it again. And I will–when I get around to it. But the phobia makes me feel like a good Mom.
When I see my children climbing up high places, my heart catches in my throat. The adrenaline rush to protect them surges in my veins. The fear of heights serves me–keeps me more vigilant–so I keep it as a companion. I’ve associated the fear with my identity as a mother.
Think about the mental or emotional issues that you have in your own life? How does it serve you to stay where you are now? How willing are you to let go of this false belief or negative emotional block?
What would your life be like if this mental or emotional issue were gone?
If your emotional block is keeping you from being your very best, then consider releasing it. Simply Healed is the fastest energy healing method I know to release these blocks. But if you have had energy healing and the block remains, assess how this challenge is still serving you.
Once you are aware of your investment in keeping this issue, you can choose to play with it a little while longer. Or you can choose to release it.

Be gentle with yourself. The choice is yours.

The lie perpetuated is that we do not have a choice.


“I am the creator of my own life.”