Are you misusing the Law of Attraction?

lawoThis morning, we are driving to Western Pennsylvania to go snowboarding with my family. And I am so excited. Snowboarding is a passion of mine. And I am overjoyed to share this passion with my children.

Excitement, gratitude, love, joy: these are all high vibrational emotions. They feel good to us.
And if you feel these emotions, you create more situations that bring you these good vibe feelings.

My husband and I had placed snowboarding on hold for several
years when we had young babies. Have you ever put on hold what you LOVE? And yes, I understand, there is a time and season for everything.

But this year, we made snowboarding a priority because it brings us joy. Even if snowboarding (with lessons and gear) is a small investment for a family of 5. We cannot afford NOT to go snowboarding.

Let me explain.

If you understood this secret behind the Law of Attraction, your life would metamorphose.

And you would KNOW that you cannot afford NOT to follow your heart’s desire.
The Law of Attraction is more aptly called The Law of Creation. This law operates just as other laws of God. No matter whether you have created a life of abundance or struggle, you are employing the Law of Attraction in your favor.

The universal principle behind the Law of Attraction is LOVE. What you love, you bring into your life. Like attracts like.

What you love, you create more of.

Now, you may resist this idea. How can I love a broken down car? Or a failed marriage? Or discord in my family life? Or a toxic work environment?

But when your thoughts are backed by your feelings, you attract more of that in your life.

Your feelings are powerful magnifiers of getting what you want. At any given moment, you are operating at a particular vibrational frequency.

If you are unhappy with your finances, your relationships, or your health, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.

How do you feel about your current state of your life?

Are you more grateful? Or is your emotional focus on what you DON’T want in your life? And so you are inadvertently attracting more of what you don’t want?

Recently, I spoke with a client who had more than doubled her monthly income. Yet she did not publicize that abundance to her group of peers. Instead, she focused on the lack of money and financial struggle. If she focused on the wins, how she released the blocks through energy work and opened herself up to receiving abundance, she would attract more of that financial prosperity into her life.

Unless she course-corrected her train of thoughts, she would be steering her life back into money chaos.

What are you focusing on?

Recognize that you are comfortable with your current life. It feels familiar. In some way, you like it. Otherwise, you would change it.

Potential clients describe their lack of money and their desire to change their circumstances. But their focus is on getting out of debt. Paying the bills. No more struggle. Actually, their focus is on debt, bills, and struggle.

When I lay out a clear path to creating financial prosperity, often the potential client decides to stay where they are at. They are more committed to: I cannot afford it than they are committed to their vision.

So LOVE is the operating force behind the Law of Creation. And when you realize that truth, you are in a position to change.

Stop and ask yourself: what am I creating in my life? What thoughts and feelings are contributing to this current situation? How can I choose different thoughts and feelings?

We can go deeper into this principle in future blog posts. But for now, take a moment and share your thoughts in the comment box below.