#1 Reason You are Not Getting What You Really WantIf you really knew the power of your thoughts, you’d stop thinking.

These words blazoned  through my mind with clarity.

When I shared with my husband, we both shook with laughter, the kind that feels good, deep from the belly.

The truth is: we cannot stop thinking.

60,000 thoughts stream through your mind on any given day. And often, the majority of them are negative. You cannot stop the flow of your thoughts.

But you can choose the thoughts that filter through your conscious mind.

Are you worried about your ability to launch a successful summit?

  • Are you enrolled in a program and doubting whether you will get the successful results?
  • Are wishy-washy about whether or not you can fill a program?
  • Do you think that it is hard to launch a successful business when you have a full-time job?
  • Do you think that it is hard to meet the man of your dreams?
  • Do you find it difficult to be a good mother?
  • Do you believe that your man (or woman) is not really supportive? Or do you often think: we just are not on the same page?

Guess what you are creating?

Clients comes to me for transformational energy work. And energy work releases the trigger behind a particular thought. Together, we discover the energetic root of an issue. And we dive in and remove the root.

But energy work is not magic. It works through the power of intention. The foundational principle is that light dispels darkness.

With less generational and childhood baggage, it is easier to choose positive thoughts. You feel empowered. You are able to step into your intrinsic role as the creator of your own life.

Minus the burden of your family beliefs and generational patterns, you are able to create new patterns.

But you still retain the agency to choose your thoughts.

A month ago, I invited my friend and professional organizer Ginny Hall over to my house to clear the clutter in my office. For 3 hours, she helped me handle every piece of paper. We either filed it or tossed it in the garbage.

I loved eyeing the walnut sheen of my desk. No clutter. What a beautiful space to work in! But a day or two later, I discovered a pile of papers in another room in the house. I carried the papers into my office.

The clutter started again. And more mail piled in a basket.

In 2 days, papers were strewn across the desk.

With intention, I forced myself to commit to making a decision on every piece of paper. The paper pile disappeared because I set my intention to clear the clutter.

Your mind acts the same way. Whether you are investing in energy work to clear your blocks, or you are shifting on your own, the key to creating lasting transformation, the key to success, is to transform your thoughts.

I find it curious that people are so keen to scrimp and save when it comes to investing in themselves and their business.

But the truth is: 
You cannot afford these thoughts.

So next time you have a thought that may be impacting your ability to create success, attract the love of your life, or nurture your health,

just say, “I cannot afford this thought.”

And you will be speaking the truth. It’s the only time “I cannot afford it” will serve your ability to manifest what you want.