How to Center and Come Home

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Today’s Monday tip is coming from my hotel room in LA overlooking Wilshire Boulevard.
center1I’ve been traveling the past week to San Diego and Los Angeles.
I just wanted to take a moment and share with you a technique I recently learned from my dear friend Ruth Holmes.

This is how I get centered.

This technique is so important because it’s the place that you go when you want to come home. When you are centered, it’s in this place that you are able to connect with God, to connect to source, and to divine. It’s also in this place where you receive all the inspiration, knowledge, and intelligence that you could possibly want or need.

When we are in this place of feeling centered, we are able to attract and create abundance.

Being centered means that we are in that place of feeling full instead of in that place of feeling scarcity. Click on my video below and I will show you how to use this technique. 

About a month or two ago, I shared with you how I was speaking to my mastermind. Before I learned this technique, I was so frustrated. Every time I would present to them, I was up in my head and not centered.

It didn’t matter what I was sharing. My heart would pound and I would feel anxiety.

Since I have learned this technique of really getting centered, it has made such a difference.

Just this past week, I was on stage speaking at Shanda Sumpter’s live event. I had the honor of sharing my story to inspire other women entrepreneurs. I was able to use this technique to get centered and really connect with my heart. 

Try it. Then, comment below and tell me if it works for you.


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