The 5 Ingredients to Achieving Certainty

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It’s a snow day in the middle of March.

ss3I’m sitting by the fire, and my kids are sipping almond amaretti
tea sweetened with German rock sugar.
And yes, I forgot, they are breakfasting on green bagels with cream cheese in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m feeling so grateful for my life: the perfection of imperfection.

No matter the vicissitudes of life, I have locked into the singular quality that is necessary to realize one’s vision.
And my deepest hope is that you possess this too.

When you have acquired this #1 quality, you will experience quantum shifts in your life and achieve success.

The #1 quality is the energy of CERTAINTY.

Every emotion vibrates at a corresponding frequency. And I believe that the vibration of certainty attracts what you really desire into your life when you follow up that emotion with inspired action.

Another expression for certainty is unwavering faith.

But certainty is not wishful dreaming or unsubstantiated hope. You can measure the degree to which you possess the emotion of certainty by the actions and commitments you make.
You are able to lock into certainty because you have mastered the following criteria:
1. Clarity on your vision
2. Attuned to vision daily
3. Support system for success
4. Inspired action
5. Persistence
How are you doing on all 5 fronts?

Often, if you are not getting the results you want, you are missing out on one of the critical engines of certainty.

1. Clarity on your vision
Have you written down your vision statement? Is it written in the present tense? Did you include the feelings as if this were your life today? Is your vision aligned with your inner purpose?
Most people are not clear about their vision. They say they want more money, to pay the bills, to leave their job, or to meet the love of their life. But the vision statement needs to be detailed and invoke the feelings as if this were your life today.
Likewise, you can write down your vision statement, but if your spiritual creation is not aligned with your inner purpose, you may not get the results you want. Or if you do attain your vision, you will feel disappointed.
A few years ago, I had created a vision statement that I wanted a tenure-track position as a professor at a university. I had clarity on my vision, and I read this vision statement everyday. I cleared the blocks. I worked hard. I was focused.
But really, my vision was not aligned with my heart’s desire. Yes, I wanted to teach and influence others. Yes, I love the pursuit of knowledge and scholarly research. But my goal to be a professor was driven by a need for validation from my father, not from my inner longing to fulfill my purpose here on earth. When I received a few rejection notices, I felt relief. And I knew that the path of academia was not the path for me.
2.Energetic Attunement to vision daily
Are you energetically aligned to your vision? Are you reading your vision statement everyday? Do you spend a few minutes every night imagining your vision, as if it were your life today?

Most people do not employ their creative faculties to imagine their life as they wish it to be. We spend more time focusing on what we don’t want. Every night before I go to sleep, I spend time in this dreaming, creative state.
This exercise is completely free. Are you doing it?
If you are energetically aligned with your vision, that means that even if your vision has not manifested yet, your body and spirit say that this vision is true for you.
Most people I encounter are not aligned energetically with their vision. They are repelling it.
For example, if you are given an opportunity and guidance to increase your income, yet you operate in the vibration of “I cannot afford it,” you are repelling the very thing that you desire. You must take radical action to shift out of the vibration of scarcity.
Conversely, if you were CERTAIN of your success (or certain that you have the money), you would say YES to a certain investment. Your choice to say no preventing you from getting what you want. You are operating in the energy of uncertainty. You do not trust yourself.
But there is a remedy: You take the leap to get aligned with what you desire.
3. Inspired action
Are you taking inspired action everyday to help you reach your vision? Inspired action is not busy energy. I am talking about the actions that yield quantum results. Usually, inspired actions are the very acts that we avoid doing because they feel scary or difficult.
What is the one action that you can take this week that if you do it, you will see a quantum shift in your life and business? Are you procrastinating?
Commit to following through on that action. Success is attained through a series of small steps.
4. Support system for success
Do you have a mentor and community to support you in attaining your vision? Many people think: I can go at this alone. And if you are successful, I applaud you.

But I would not have completed my dissertation if it weren’t for a supportive advisor. So I knew the power of having a mentor.
When you get the mentorship and community to help you attain your goal, you collapse time.
What could take you years of trial and error, you can attain your vision in a fraction of the time.
Recently, I was thinking about a daunting goal I had made for my business. Briefly, I entertained the idea: what if I skated and worked a little less? What if I did not meet that goal? But that devilish thought was immediately brushed aside. I was committed. Because I have a mentor and community, I am accountable to them to meet my goal.
I felt relief because I did not have to stay in the destructive area of ambivalent thinking.
I am committed. And I want that for you. Have you set yourself up for quantum, breathtaking, success?
5. Persistence
Lastly, persistence is a critical ingredient to success. You persist even when you make mistakes. You persist when people doubt your abilities. You persist when you encounter resistance.

There is peace in the quality of persistence. When you have internalized this attribute, you know you can trust yourself.

And trusting yourself locks in that energy of certainty.
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