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Are you plugged into the clarity you need to realize your vision? Have you ever tried to accomplish a goal, but felt thwarted from completing it? The other day, I wanted to write this blog post. I visited my “other” office at Starbucks to focus.  Yet I could barely see the print on my computer screen. Was there an overglare from outside? I never noticed this problem before. I cleaned the computer screen. Still, no change.

Maybe I need a new computer?, I thought. It is malfunctioning. The project pressed upon me with urgency. I squinted. I could see a faint outline of black letters, but everything else was so dark. What a distraction from getting my work done!

I checked the settings on my MacBook display. As I glided the scroll bar to adjust the brightness, the letters popped out  against a well-lit screen.

Sweet clarity! I was in business again!

It struck me how often we go through life with our internal lights dimmed. We want more clarity and focus, but when we are cluttered with residue from the past, we cannot accept the light that is freely given to us.

Before I returned to school, I spent a brief stint as a PADI dive master and cave diver in Akumul, Mexico. Scuba divers often judge the quality of a dive by the visibility. Excellent visibility, such as 100+ feet, occurs when the ocean water is not cluttered with sediment. Sunlight can penetrate the water and paint the marine life with a spectacular palette. But in California, for instance, the visibility is often poorer, maybe 10-20 feet off the coast. Same source, but the light is refracted. The debris in the water clouds our ability to see the light.

The sunlight is similiar to our Source of energy. Call it the love of God, Universal Source, Christ’s energy, or the Light. There are many names for this Divine energy. But it brings us joy, hope, gratitide, love, and compassion. All those feelings bring us nearer to that Source. Lower vibrational feelings carry us further away.

When we clean up that sediment, we enjoy clarity. We can access divine inspiration. We intuitively know the next step.

My passion is to help you release that debris. The next step, taking big, bold, inspired action, is up to you. I am taking bold action myself, as I work on creating a set a videos to help you align energetically with success. The free program is launching soon. Here is the link if you are interested in learning these energy techniques for yourself.

What is the one step you can take that will yield the biggest results in your life? What is preventing you from taking action? Answer the above question in the comment section below, and I will send you some Pure Energy (aka Simply HealedTM energy work) to assist you in releasing the block so you can move forward. Ready, set, go! (offer good through 11/31/12).


  1. arvona

    what is preventing me from taking action. hard questions so many things stop us. money always stops me from moving forward and realtionships, fear of moving forward.

    biggest yield would be trsuting myself on what is given to me naturally and learning more and moving to a new place.

    • Tera

      Thank you for sharing, Arvona. I sent you a little energy work to plug this in for you. I hope you receive it!

  2. Tessa

    Hummm.I am feeling like I will be leaving people behind, like,leaving my family, extended family and human family. Isolation maybe, man that’s a good question. I’ve tried to clear this before. love you

    • Tera

      Oooh, Tessa. Thank you for sharing. I will work on that tonight!


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