Not Closing Sales? Why Sales is Like Making Love

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Sales is like making love.

Forgive the metaphor. But my hope is that if you see the connection, you can connect better in your sales conversation and enroll your ideal clients.

The sales conversation (and closing sales) hinges on your ability to make a meaningful connection.


Here are 5 reasons why the sales conversation is like good lovin’.

1. When you really connect with your potential client, it feels amazing. You are completely immersed in the present. Your thoughts are centered on showing up, staying present, and serving your potential client.

You do not hold yourself back.

2. Your primary concern is to give the potential caller what they want. You do that by asking at the beginning of the call:

 “What do you want on this call?”

You demonstrate your value by giving them what they want, by making a difference on the call.

3. You help them realize their vision. They see the possibility. You carve a way for them to step into their potential.

Their YES resounds with excitement because they are moving forward to create their dream.

4. You set clear boundaries. Your ability to love and give of yourself is grounded on the immutable truth: I know my own worth. 

5. You are confident in the results that you deliver. But you are unattached to the outcome. You own your role to give all of yourself and be present and loving.

But your identity is not tied up with the end result.
I chose this metaphor because sometimes we cannot see where we are holding back.

Many of you in our community are entrepreneurs, and holding back on the sales conversation limits your ability to generate more income.

So here’s the number 1 reason you are not closing sales and enrolling clients:

You are centered on SELF.

You care more about what the other person thinks about you than you care about connecting the potential client to their vision. You are stopping at the money excuse. Or their lack of time. Or their husband or kids. Or their chronic illness.You are buying into their mindset.You are allowing them to sell you on their story that is keeping them stuck.

You believe their money story.

Instead of you selling them on their vision.

Every interaction boils down to: Sell or Be Sold.

Selling should never be a win-lose proposition. When you slip into the energy of convincing, you have lost the sale, even if they are manipulated into saying yes.

Sell or Be Sold.

Are you going to step into your Truth or stick with your old Story.

Sometimes, our stopping short is disguised as caring for the potential client. Wanting to be authentic.

But it is really about control and playing God.

Likely, the potential caller contacted you for a reason.

To rise above her story. To transform. To solve a problem. To break free from bondage.

At some point, they felt prompted to reach out to you to start a conversation.

And even if you contacted them, there is a reason you are on the phone together.

Yet you are failing them, if you stop at their story.

Whether you are a coach, consultant, or sales professional, our intrinsic purpose is to raise each other up,

to remind each other why we are here on earth.

to help each other see the Divine in each other.

to carve out a path of possibility so that others can CHOOSE to step through.

When you fall for your potential client’s story, you are affirming their deepest suspicions about themselves:

that they cannot make it.
that they are not worth it.

You are failing the person on the other end of the phone.

The strategy call or sales conversation is not about the closing the sale.

Your role is to connect the caller or client to their potential.
To hold an energetic space of what is possible if they step through.

Let’s throw out all the negative associations with the Sales Conversation.

And remember: Sales is just like making love.

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  1. Julie

    LOVED this perspective, Tera!!! Thank you for this refreshing article!


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