The Skinny on Energy: Energy Healing, Weight Loss, and Body Love

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In my teens and twenties I loathed my body. My self-acceptance was tied to 120 pounds or a svelte size 4. Every morning, I awoke to survey my stomach. I relished the concave slope between jutting pelvic bones. Yet even with flatness, I could pinch an inch of tummy flesh. Betrayal! I failed the test of skinny perfection.

Today, I grieve for that lovely, lonely girl consumed by an eating disorder (ranging from anorexia to bulimia). She was hospitalized multiple times and spent hundreds of hours in talk-therapy. I learned to give myself permission to eat.

Gaining 40 pounds each pregnancy granted me the gift of appreciating my now comparatively slender 137 pound 5 ft. 6 in. body. My self-love is no longer tied to a skinny number.

Over the last year, the last 10 pounds of “baby weight” have fallen off. No dieting. No rigorous exercise. The only difference is energy healing.

I remember watching Linda Byrne’s The Secret in which she said, “Food doesn’t make you fat. Thoughts make you fat.”

That declaration goes against everything the diet and medical industry teaches us. Calories in equal calories out.

Yet when we love our bodies, we nourish our bodies. Our bodies respond accordingly. And nourishing our bodies doesn’t mean adhering to a strict diet. I eat what I want when I want it. But most of the time, I eat for optimal energy.

When I choose otherwise, I try to make it count, or I pay attention to how I feel after I eat. No judgment. Just observation.

For instance, I cannot do energy work very well after consuming refined sugar. Perhaps, after years of bulimic abuse, inhaling entire packages of Fig Newtons, Oreo Cookies, and gallons of ice cream, my body no longer processes sugar.

I no longer berate myself as a “bad girl” for eating a handful of cookies. I just notice that I don’t feel as great as when I eat more nourishing foods.

Returning to my is one of the gifts of energy healing and Simply Healed. Through energy healing, we can become allies with our bodies. I see so many beautiful, amazing women who spend time dieting, telling themselves that if only they lost weight, they would be more beautiful, more sexy, more worthy to be loved.

When you plug into the feelings of what your life would be like at your ideal weight, your body adjusts to support you in your desire. For instance, would your married sex life improve if you were thinner? Why not enjoy that intimacy now?

For me, the last several pounds were tied to my Once I released that block, I aligned more easily with a more comfortable body weight. I worked with a Simply Healed client named Gloria (name changed) with a similar block. Our focus was improving her business, yet by plugging her into her self-worth, twenty pounds dropped effortlessly. She simply returned to a body that resonated with her Truth.

My mentor Carolyn Cooper teaches that negative thought patterns about our bodies, weight loss, and food is a distraction from stepping into our Truth. Negative thoughts diminish our light and weaken our influence in the world.

Life is too short not to love our mortal bodies. I am grateful for the grace to enjoy that truth. Here. Now.


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