Energy Healing and Window Cleaning

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Cleaning Windows, Clearing Energy

Tall windows grace every corner of my house. I love how soft light filters through the towering trees.  We’ve lived here over a year, yet I confess, I had never cleaned the windows. And I had plenty of excuses:

  • the cost: so many windows, and I have more important things to spend money on.
  • the season: winter, spring, or summer would come, and it would just get dirty again anyway.
  • the time: I’m too busy to find a window cleaner.

Finally, I tired seeing filmy windows and caked dust when I opened the window for fresh air. I hired a window cleaner. And in hours, I delighted to see with clarity through my windows: the trees, the blue sky, the sunlight. Why had I waited for so long?

Energy healing is like window cleaning. Do you have layers of energetic dust and film in your energy field? If you are feeling vibrant, alive, and joyful each day, you likely don’t need energy work. But if you are feeling tired, stressed, a little down, or overwhelmed, or just scattered, energy work can help restore your natural vibrancy.

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