The Trick to Handling Resistance

by | Feb 9, 2014 | Uncategorized

Why is resistance essential to your growth and progression?

In this video I share a tip to shift your mindset so you can navigate resistance.

If you are feeling resistance, it is a good sign you are in a place of growth.

If you are able to walk through it, everything you want is on the other side.

Today, I share my most embarrassing moment. The worst thing I could have imagined actually happened. But it taught me to move past my resistance.

Watch this video below to peak into one of my most embarrassing moments, but how I grew in the process.

Now, what is the thing you are resisting the most?

Are you ready to move past it? How can we support you on your journey?

Enough about me. Share your thoughts below, and let’s start a conversation.


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