Here’s Why Affirmations Don’t Work

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Mother’s Day Weekend was so lovely and relaxing. Friday night, my husband and I dined at the Severn Inn across the Severn River from the Naval Academy.
My children showered me with homemade gifts and flowers. The best part was swinging in my neighbor’s hammock with my children and gazing up at the trees. Ah, I relished these golden moments of affluence. You know, those moments when you just want to pinch yourself to remember this time?

Often, we think about affluence as the accumulation of money and things. But that is a perversion and will leave us empty.

Affluence is the ability to create money freedom. 

But it is so much more that  Affluence is the freedom to enjoy your relationships and follow your heart’s desire as you live your purpose.

You understand the Law of Attraction. But you may not be leveraging the Law of Attraction properly.

<strong style=”font-size: 16px; font-weight: 700; font-color: black;”So here’s why simply saying affirmations won’t work:
* You are not following up your affirmations with taking the inspired action. 

What do I mean by inspired action? Inspired action is what you need to do this week or this year, but you usually avoid doing. You feel resistance about doing it. It feels hard. You procrastinate. You distract yourself with other activities.
You stay stuck.

* You are not taking a big enough leap. 

Every successful entrepreneur I know takes massive leaps, one after another.
The truth is, that it is uncomfortable. Which is why getting mentorship and community support is critical if you really want to breakthrough to money freedom.
You may find reasons why enrolling in a program is not the right timing. Yet if your heart says yes at one point, you will yield exponential results when you follow your heart.
You know you are taking big leaps, if you are uncomfortable often. . .

* You have money blocks so deep that your affirmations are simply not taking root. 

You can clear these blocks. It is quite simple really. And then, you follow us the energy work with taking inspired action.

There is a solution. Last week, a private client shared that she created 50K in sales over the past couple weeks. How? She released her limiting beliefs, shifted her mindset, and took massive action enrolling clients in her program. So exciting!

I know it doesn’t have to be as hard as you make it.


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