How To Be The CEO Of Your Home

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Last week, my kids and I played hard:

 we took a day trip to the beach in Delaware and rendezvoused with friends. We hiked to a local waterfall and dipped underneath the fall—to the delight of my children.

We bought paddle boards and explored the Chesapeake Bay and the creek right by our neighborhood.

But creating an affluent life is not only about seeking out fun and adventure.

The A-life (or the affluent life) requires living a life on purpose. 

It means stretching your capacity. It demands stepping into your power.

For me as a mother (and perhaps you would agree),  it means being the CEO of your home. 

Frankly, I thrive on adventure and change. I resist rules and structure.
But creating harmony in the home requires leadership.

So I thought I’d share a system I developed for my family. 


I created it last year, and my kids asked for it back.

So funny, they ASKED for it back.

Since we have implemented this system, we have more joy and peace, more happiness.

My kids come home and self-monitor what they need to do. My 7-year-old and 10-year-old ask, “How can I help Mom?”
“Did I obey you today?”
“Did I get along with my brother and sister?”

I love the questions they are asking. We are not perfect. But they are thinking about how to create harmony. 

So I thought I’d share this system with you.

The key to this system:

I created the system with my children’s input. They decided what chores they wanted to do each day and what was fair.

The Weekly Task system is influenced by the following principles:

  • Every member of the family is a contributor to the household.
  • Children learn best about how to manage finances through practicing with money themselves.
  • Children are given the amount of money parents normally spend on them throughout the year/ divided into a weekly allowance.
  • They are earning the $ to spend for essentials, depending on their age. (My 6 year old gets less money than my 10 year old since he is only responsible to buy his socks, and winter wear.

Weekly Task Point System
About the TV/ Technology Point Game:

I am not a fan of technology and tv, but it is part of our culture. My children earn their points to “spend” on tv and technology during the weekend. My reasoning is this. My children decided what would be fair in the TV Point Game, including that I could penalize them for gross misbehavior.

TV/ Technology Point Game
So… This evening, everyone pitched in. The table was set. Dog taken care of.

Siblings were more courteous to each other.
My children laminated the task lists. They monitor the points themselves with my supervision.

This system may not work for everyone.

My kids are self-starters and thrive on independence.

But the principle is the same.

If you want success in your life, you create an environment that fosters the results you want. 

It doesn’t happen “magically” through visioning and prayers.

Affluence is choice. And it requires forethought and action.

What has worked to create harmony in your home? If you like the above systems, feel free to download it and make it your own. Or share with a busy Mom or Dad who might benefit from more structure.

And share with me your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you.


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