How To Get Back Into Living In The Flow

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Surfing the Flow

The other day I felt like I lost my flow. It was a jam-packed day. We were rushing. My husband loaded our bikes on the back of the SUV to take to the bike shop to get our tires repaired. But on the drive to the soccer field, the tire disengaged from my road bike. We forgot to check the quick release!

While I retraced our drive to look for the first tire, my husband’s mountain bike tire fell off the back of the car. There was no sign of my road bike tire. And we lost his tire too!

It’s not so easy to replace a road bike tire in Nosara. The dirt roads are bumpy, riddled with pot-holes. Most people don’t own a road bike. No road bike puts a dent in my indoor training for triathlons.

Later that day, I went surfing. And I spent most of the time struggling in the white water. Each time I tried to paddle out, a wave pushed me back to shore.

The Universe was delivering a message to me. And I needed to listen. I was harboring thoughts and beliefs that were not in alignment with living in the flow. This day presented a teaching moment–what I needed to shift.

Changing Your Thought Patterns.

Most of the time, if you are not getting results, it is because your thoughts are not matching the vibration of what you want to create.

The Universe conspires with me for my highest good. The Universe supports me in my affluence. I am living in the flow.

The rushing energy was me being in ego. I was not turning my will over to Divine will.

So I shifted my thoughts to gratitude.

What was I grateful for in this moment?

Where was the gift in this opportunity?

If you want to manifest abundance, but you can’t see past the negative balance in your bank account, you are focused on the problem. And in turn, you magnify the problem. The minute you start thinking: “I cannot afford this”, The Universe listens. And so it is.

If you are seeing lack, your primary focus is to shift your thought patterns to focus on plenty. Keep a gratitude journal. You can quickly shift from your current state by noticing all the many blessings in your life: our toes, a beating heart, a plate of food, a child’s smile. . . .

But the next step, is to keep your thoughts in sync with what you want to create. In other words, if you dream of creating 6-figures, you make decisions based as if you already have 6-figures.

Otherwise, you fall into the Manifesting Abundance Fallacy: If you say, if I had 6 figures, I would invest in this program. But then, you put off your investment until you actually have the money, you are not living in certainty and faith. You are in scarcity, and you delay your ability to manifest what you want.

Every miracle I have experienced in my life is the result of taking big leaps, even when I didn’t have the money. I lived in the energy of what I wanted in my life, not my current state of “not enough.” I’m sharing this with you because this is a choice. And the quickest way for you to shift into doubling your income is to leap into the energy (through thinking as you are already there) of being home.

But what do you do when you really want to take the leap, but there simply isn’t the funding or credit to make it happen?

You decide and commit.

The truth is that if you really wanted the money, you would find it. If you needed money to repair the toilets, you would figure it out. It would be unacceptable to live with non-functioning plumbing. You would find a solution because you are committed to that.

I really got this when I wanted to invest in a coaching program, but we didn’t have the money at the time. I realized that this conversation I was having in my head was tied to my own sense of worthiness. If my child needed money to invest in a program that was the next step to develop into her highest potential, I would find a way. I am committed to fostering her development.

But I wasn’t really committed to myself. There was a little gap. When I realized that, I felt sad.

And I decided to take a leap and invest. The rest is history.

The reason I’m sharing this is to help you connect to your vision for your life.

Are you fully committed to your vision?
Where are the gaps?

When you seek to honestly assess those gaps and patch them up, you will shift. You will start manifesting results.

I hope that helps.

Share below your thoughts and questions after reading this post. I will respond accordingly.

Much love,


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