How To Move Mountains Or At Least The Internet

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unnamed-1-300x300OMGoodness! What happened last week reminded me of our power to literally move mountains, or at least the internet.

It’s amazing living by the jungle and beach in Costa Rica. But my biggest challenge has been getting consistent & reliable internet.

What I learned in the process is the secret to moving mountains and manifesting what you really want . . . If you employ this habit, you will increase your ability to get what you really desire. Seriously!

I was determined to find another service so I didn’t drop calls when on the phone with my clients. It is wise in Nosara, I’ve been told by my friend Alex, to get redundant systems since we are a 5 hour drive from the city . . . . There are no street addresses. And mail from the US takes at least 3 weeks. No 2-Day Amazon Prime here.

So I ordered American Data Network, an internet service 99.9% reliable that caters to business. They send the internet signal via microwave. A technician came to my house and assessed my location. According to Google coordinates, our house was positioned to receive the signal. But the technician gave me bad news: the towering trees in the jungle blocked the signal. “It is just not possible.” The technician told me.

“Surely, there is a way.” I insisted. “Can’t you put the antenna higher up on the roof?”

“Then, if would be difficult and unsafe to access it.” The technician replied. “I’m sorry. We can’t do it.”

“But there has got to be a way.” I affirmed.

“Well, there is a way, but I don’t know if the office will decide to do it. They will have a meeting. And we’ll let you know.”

A week passed, and after several emails, I heard back from the office: “Sorry, it is not possible.”

So I picked up the phone spoke with my sales rep Wendy, “Surely, there has to be a way.” But she maintained that they could not do it.

But I persisted in my vision: There has to be a way . . .

She thought for a moment, “It is possible, but it will cost an additional $300.”

“Perfect. Let’s do it.” I was a little perplexed that the only barrier to my problem was $300, but felt grateful that we could agree on a solution.

3 weeks later, after shipping the special equipment from another country, American Data Networks was ready to install the antenna. It was designed to point to their tower in the fishing village of Garza.

Yet after the installation, the internet was still not working!

So American Data Networks sent technicians to their tower in Garza. They adjusted their equipment in Garza so it would speak to the antenna over my house in Nosara.

What a miracle! By staying focused on the solution and my vision of what was possible, the internet signal was channeled to my humble house in the jungle in Nosara.

Why am I telling you this?

This story reveals a key principle to manifesting what you really desire.

You must have a burning desire fixated on what you realy want, unwavering in the face of adversity, until the solution actually appears.

Imagine your desire. Stay absolutely focused on the solution. Be persistent with a no-matter-what attitude.

When your desire is strong enough, the Universe will shift to accommodate your thought.

In ancient scripture we are taught about our power to move mountains. This ability hinges on faith. We must be absolutely certain that we are birthing our creation, no matter what obstacles stand in our way.

But what is stopping many of you is that you falter at the belief.

You KNOW you need to invest in yourself or a certain program, but you stop at the money.

Stop doing that! Eliminate that scarcity thinking from your consciousness.

If you stop at I cannot afford it, your Universe contracts.

If you have the power to move mountains, don’t you think you could manifest exactly what you NEED, if it is in alignment with your divine purpose?

So practice these steps:

1. Decide and Commit. Stay completely committed to your vision.
2. Clear the Blocks. Make sure you are energetically aligned with what you want. And get help if you have stubborn blocks standing in the way of your success!
3. Take Inspired Action. And keep taking inspired action until your desire manifests in the physical form.

Keep practicing these steps. And share with me what is going on. I love to hear from you…
Comment and share your thoughts: what is working and not working in your ability to manifest what you really want?
I love to hear your successes and help you breakthrough the obstacles holding you back.

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