I Slipped Off An 8 Ft Ledge!

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Surfing the Flow

I slipped off a ledge. It was a silly mistake.

I was in the jacuzzi with AJ and friends immersed in deep conversation. Not wanting to disturb them, I thought I’d hop in from the side of the spa.

But my brain did not register there was no floor to support my foot.So I fell through a gap hurled 8 feet below. My hip, arm, & face hit the gravel. I writhed from the pain shooting through my body.

Alarmed, AJ and our two friends jumped down. After awhile, they helped me up. “You didn’t break anything… You couldn’t walk if you had broken a bone.” My friend Ami assured me.

I propped my arms around AJ and Ami’s shoulders. It was the longest walk of my life. And they assisted me to my bed.

With blankets covering me, the body shook from the trauma.

My mind wandered… questioning: how could I create this?

What program was running my operating system to create this drama?

I observed my thoughts where I judged myself as wounded, noticing victim thinking bubbling up:

Feeling angry & sorry for myself.

Was anything broken?

Would this accident be debilitating??

Did I need to go the hospital?

Will I be able to surf?

Why I am sharing this story with you: 

I made a choice in that moment.

I decided my body was strong.

This body heals quickly.

I experienced gratitude for my body for absorbing the fall so gracefully. It could have been so much worse.

No crushed hip or broken bones.

I envisioned myself surfing down the line with joy.

I declared myself a Creator-god.

I listened to a meditation before falling asleep.

It was the most painful night of sleep I can ever remember.

Yet I woke up with a miracle

I could walk!

The thing is:

Every moment we have a choice:

To stay conscious in our dream.

Or believe that we are acted upon by people, places, & events.

This is what I define being awake in one’s dream.

There is an option.

That you and I get to exercise…

The 5D option of creating our own reality .

But the catch is that it requires responsibility…

We become stewards of a power to create heaven on earth.

It’s not about being perfect.

It’s not about NEVER having a human moment.

It’s about deciding:

How am I going to respond?

What thoughts will I choose?

What is the feedback I am being presented so I can heal & grow?

This is my work & life purpose to assist world-changing leaders who desire to master Conscious Reality Creation at an accelerated rate.

For increased flow & impact. 

In our year-long program Affluent Life Academy.

-Releasing limiting beliefs & blocks.

-Raising your vibration weekly.

-Updating your operating system.

-Adapting new neural pathways for an Affluence Mindset.

-So you are experiencing 5D results aligned with your vision.

It’s one of the most Transformational programs I know to birth your dream into physical reality.

If you are committed to upleveling this year,

And know you are here to assist the AWAKENING on this planet, please email me.

1. Share with me your vision for the next year.
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Let me see who is here.

We are rising together.

Let’s do this!

Much love,

Tera Maxwell,PhD.
Chief Visionary @Teramaxwell.com
Founder of the Affluence Method


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