It’s Our Anniversary

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Surfing the Flow

20 years ago, AJ & I drove up a snowy mountain to get married.
We eloped.
Skipping the expensive wedding
The bride & groom entourage
The wedding decorations,
Even the bridal gown.

It was just us.
Our choice to commit to a life together.

We gave our vows to each other
On a chilly deck overlooking Lake Tahoe
And snowboarded for our honeymoon.

It was a radical decision
That proved to be a theme in our life together.
We never settled down.
We moved 5 times in 7 years for corporate relos.
We endured a long-distance romance for 2 years while I completed graduate school.
And when the corporate ladder & suburban life felt misaligned,
We sold everything
To live our dream in Costa Rica.

It’s been 20 years.
We continue to shift & grow into the highest version of ourselves.
At an accelerated pace that sometimes has been plain messy.

It is easy to fall in love. ❤️

But the real journey is to choose love.
After you have seen each others’ shadows.
To choose love when you are not always on the same vibration.
To recommit to a shared vision
Even when the current reality overshadows the dream.
Or to hold your solo vision with such certainty
You enroll your partner in your vision..

Our partners are our greatest teachers.
AJ teaches me about unconditional love.
His gentle nurturing of our children defies cultural stereotypes about masculinity.
He has demonstrated a loyalty that I never knew in my own family.
He models the heart & humility of a true leader.

I share this to honor my Love.

And to honor each of you for your commitment to your vision:

Whether you are happily enjoying a Divine Union, or wanting to upgrade your relationship, or desiring to find your life partner,
It’s all the same work:

Loving our selves.
Owning our triggers.
Committing to our vision
And releasing what separates us from each other and from God.

Here’s to celebrating Divine Unions
And this cosmic play we are acting out together. 🙏🙏🙏


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