The Key To Living Your Purpose

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The key to living your purpose is quite simple. Follow your heart.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart lies also.”
I always thought those words implied a caution about what you choose to set your heart upon.
In other words, beware! Don’t seek after the wrong things. It reflects what you truly love.
But what these words teach us is this:

If you follow your heart, it will lead you to the true treasure in your life.

I believe we choose affluence when we follow our hearts.
But often, we get distracted.
We listen to our parents, our spouses, our friends.
Or our fears block us from exploring our true treasure. Or we shut down. We sell out. We get scared or angry.

Through a series of detours, we get disconnected from our heart and inner knowing.

Have you ever mindlessly eaten that Snickers bar because you were feeling a little lonely?
Or disregarded your intuition because you wanted to please others?

The hero or heroine’s journey is to follow the promptings of our heart.

It takes courage to check in to our hearts. To listen. To honor our heart’s desire.
Sometimes, I am good at living on purpose. And sometimes, I fall short.
That’s why I loved Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist.
A young boy is told in a dream to find treasure beneath the Pyramids in Egypt. He embarks on an adventure.
Coehlo reminds us that affluence is not about the trappings of material wealth. It is not even the destination. It is the journey of following one’s heart.

You are the hero in your own life. Are you honoring your own becoming?

When you think about living your purpose, how do you feel?
You may already be doing what you love. But how can you uplevel?
Yesterday, I rode the hotel bicycle down the Hudson river trail. My heart raced with joy. It had been years since I had been riding a bicycle. And it truly is my love.
At the Hudson Riverfront Park, a dj was spinning salsa tunes. And couples danced to salsa. I stopped and smiled.

For me, living my purpose is incorporating more in my life of what makes my heart sing.
Yes, it’s helping others transform their lives. Yes, it’s loving and raising a family.  Yes, it’s caring for my health. And yes, it’s service.
And it also means scrutinizing each area of my life and seeing where can I expand my heart and increase my joy.
What does living your purpose mean to you? Where can you increase your capacity for joy? 

Share your thoughts in the comment box below. Let’s start a conversation.
I would love to hear from you.


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