I Left My Husband For Graduate School!

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You may find this a shocker, but I can promise you it was the right move for me!

I left my husband for graduate school? I’d been married a couple years. I was finishing my master’s. And I wanted to pursue a PhD in English.


I didn’t know how it would all turn out.

Would my husband AJ be ok without me, and would we become separated because of my decision? Like, who moves to another state away from their family when they get married?  Marriage is about merging, and I had a calling that took me in a different direction!

So here’s what happened!

And maybe if you are going through a strange HEART pull that is unconventional,

this will help you make a decision!

I remember attending an academic conference and reading my first paper in Vancouver. I loved the swirl of ideas and discussion. The life of the mind. And I knew that is where I wanted to be. To be a professor.

The challenge was that I was accepted to the University of Texas in Austin.

Far away from our home in Carson City, Nevada.

So I made a decision. And I consulted my husband.

(I was afraid, but I told him anyway).

In that order. 

If you have ever felt NOT supported, I hope you will allow this to sink in.

Because it is this order that creates what you want.

I decided to enroll AJ my husband in my vision.

My intention was NOT to get his opinion. It was to show him that this was a necessary calling for me to follow and I needed his support!

So there I went… I laid out my vision with PASSION, Enthusiasm, and CERTAINTY~

And guess what? He supported me.

AJ shared his emotional and financial support, even as I would be away from him for the next 2 years. And for me, it really sunk in that he loved me. I always had a hard time trusting in men.

Ok, so the hard part was over.  AJ agreed to love me through this journey, and 

Here’s what happened next!

We flew to Austin to look for housing for me.

AJ had taken off from work to help.  

This part always opens my heart.

If you ever doubt that the universe will support you, STOP!

When you STOP asking for PERMISSION, and you start OWNING your calling, everything will fall into place. Perhaps you just need to get into alignment with your true calling!

AJ received a call from his new boss.

His company had recently been taken over by GE.

AJ answered the phone call and hoped to muffle the sound of the rushing cars on the street.

“Where are you?” His boss asked.

“Uh, in Austin. My wife got accepted to graduate school. And she’ll be attending here.”

“That’s great. Let’s talk about it when you get back.”

And when AJ returned, GE offered him a life SUPPORTING opportunity. 

One we could never have planned ourselves!  GE offered to allow AJ to work in Austin 10 days a month and paid for his trips back and forth. His employer had a satellite office in Austin.

It was such a blessing in our lives. We couldn’t have foreseen the new changes in his company, or that his job would allow us to be together while living in 2 places.

But when you choose to live your purpose,  you receive the support that need.

However if things are NOT falling into place for you, it’s because somewhere inside you, You are still asking for permission.  You aren’t 100% aligned with certainty that your dream is going to happen.

You are second guessing!

And you know that you need to get in alignment with your higher purpose!


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