Here’s What Happens When You Live Your Purpose

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I love my clients. And it has been such an honor to participate in their transformations.

One VIP Diamond client left a corporate job last year to follow her dream.She is a marketing coach.

I didn’t coach her on business. She is exceptional when it comes to marketing strategy. . . She could coach me!

But she wanted help with mindset and

releasing limiting beliefs around money and lack.

Over the past several months,

her coaching practice has exploded.

It was scary when she took the leap to leave the security of a paycheck behind her. But she was able to maintain a high vibration in attracting high paying clients.

Within several months,

she replaced her 6 figure corporate income.

The other day, she wrote that she had her first 14k month in revenue. And it will continue to grow as she continues to take leaps and step into the new vibration she is creating energetically.

Another VIP Diamond client left her job as a physical therapist to

pursue her dream

as a holistic health practitioner. She and her family unknowingly purchased a brand-new toxic home in Virginia, and the toxic Chinese drywall affected her and her family’s health.

Sarah Olson

She is an amazing woman, and I admire her courage and tenacity, especially in healing her family.
We have worked on

shifting her mindset into LIVING BIG in all areas of her life.

Let me tell you:

She is already successful. She is a Naval Academy graduate and former military officer.
I’ve seen her train as an athlete in Crossfit, and she possesses a success mindset, up for any challenge. (I can’t YET keep up with her in when it comes to Crossfit training).
Yet she knows, as most successful people know, that there exists a gap to bridge when it comes to

TRULY up leveling your life.

And the energy work has given her assistance and support to uplevel into living her dream while creating more harmony in her life and her family.

So let me ask you:

What are your money beliefs costing you?  
Where in your life are you stopping at limitation?

I believe we live in an expansive universe.

We are here to progress.
A few of you have written and asked why we need mentors or coaches. That this whole conversation is self-serving. Some of you were skeptical why you have to PAY to work with a coach.
As a society, we don’t ask why we have to invest in graduate school.We know that if you want a PhD or Master’s, you invest in your education.

And lasting transformation requires investment of our heart and our resources.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

What is showing up in your life right now?
What is the story you are telling yourself that is creating this reality? 
Are you more invested in your old story?
Or are you ready to tell a new story?

Comment below and share your new story with me


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