The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make

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We’re at Snowshoe Resort in West Virginia. It’s amazingly beautiful here, the best-kept secret
in the East.

Or if you are like me, you can read below and get what you need:

Today, I am going to teach you the 2 ingredients to shift your mindset, so you can immediately stay in the flow of abundance.

entYesterday, I was snowboarding down a black diamond with my 9-year-old daughter. I was feeling such joy and gratitude.
If you have children, you know that feeling, when your child has overcome a hurdle and is now feeling such confidence in herself?

A few short lessons ago, she was a beginner. But now, she could ride with her mom. Sharing this love with my daughter is my definition of abundance.

To be able to invest in gear and lessons and go on vacation with my family. Abundance is much more, of course. But the joy and freedom that makes this possible is how I define prosperity.

Not such a long time ago, we couldn’t go on trips like this because all our discretionary income went to private school tuition, which was our family value.
I share this with you so you can ask yourself, what is your definition of abundance? And are you willing to do what it takes to raise your vibration to receiving abundance?

It takes inspired action and taking leaps. It can take investing in yourself and doing what feels uncomfortable. But the breakthrough is sooooo worth it.
So today, I am sharing the 2 necessary ingredients to shift your mindset so you can start receiving abundance.

This week there was a huge snowstorm. And my parents called me. They were concerned about how we were doing in all this snow.

When they called, I told them. “We’re up on the mountain top in West Virginia. There is a foot and a half of powder. It is awesome. We’ve been snowboarding all day.”

In the news, they had heard about all the snow. Kids were out of school. Everything stopped in the East coast. There is all this negative talk about the snow.

But for us, we were having a blast.


2 reasons: perspective and positioning

We were in the same snow storm, but our perspective was not that the storm was a drag or an inconvenience. The snow was sheer delight.

Our perspective at the arrival of snow was excitement.

But, you may say, you were at a ski resort. That was not the experience of many people throughout the country. Snow stops business and schools and causes a safety issue.

I agree, but we were positioned to enjoy the snow.

We happened to be at a ski resort. And grant it, that is not always the case.

But I share this because you can position yourself for success.

We decided 6 weeks ago to take a vacation. And when the snow came, we were here to enjoy it.

Are you positioning yourself for success?

How do you position yourself?

You can create an environment for success. Through getting mentorship and getting the help and support you need.

I know with certainty that I will realize my vision. Why? Because I have created an environment for my success.

  • I have a mentor to help raise my vibration and stretch my capacity to create and receive more abundance.
  • I have a rockstar team to help my grow my business.
  • I have a network of colleagues who support me, and I support them. 
  • I have attracted a spouse who is my biggest ally and cheerleader in my personal and professional growth. 
  • And most importantly, I rely on the spiritual support of God and my angels to guide me when I don’t know what to do next.

So are you positioning yourself for success?

When you are positioned for success, you are able to navigate your life and business challenges with more ease.

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is thinking, “I can do this myself” or “I can figure this out.”

Are you positioned for success? Or are you stuck in the do-it-yourself” mode?

Share you thoughts below, and let’s continue this conversation.


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