How to Move out of Financial Struggle

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Many of you are struggling financially.

You know that feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night.
Your stomach is gripped in fear and anxiety. You cannot sleep.

I know that paralyzing fear.

We were talking about it in my Inner Circle. In fact, I created an energy clearing video for my Inner Circle so they could address just that.

I’ve shared my own struggles over finances, my story of overspending and financial debt.  But I wrote down my vision statement what I wanted to create in 2013. My vision was modest. I simply wanted enough to cover my children’s school tuition and a little more.

But after getting clear about my vision, I listened to a webinar. And I jumped on a strategy call with a business coach who would become my mentor.

I never heard of her before. But I felt that fear and excitement.

We didn’t have the money to invest in this coaching program. And frankly, it would have gone on a credit card.

But I took a leap to invest. And I backed up my leap with action. I wouldn’t recommend going into debt. But it provided enough leverage to motivate me to work  past my resistance.

How many of you have been given a plan to actually make money?

Or manifest abundance? But you haven’t implemented it?
Or you have an opportunity to work with a mentor, but you stop at the money.

If I had never taken a leap, I would still be in the same situation I was a year ago.
And I share this with you so you can reflect on what is the leap you must take?
Some of you may even say, I have taken a leap already. It is enough.

But remember: Success is created through a series of leaps.

I worked with my coach in a group program for the first 5 months. Then, I knew that if I really wanted to follow my dreams, I needed private coaching.

So I took another leap. And it was scary. But when I took that leap, I doubled my business, breaking 12K a month.

There is a solution to your problem. The challenge is learning how to recognize the solution.

It is human nature to stop short. What leap do you need to take today to create financial abundance?

Not manifesting and inspiration.

And not doing it alone.

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