Why You Need Energy Work

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It’s my birthday today. And I’m going paddle boarding with a friend in-between a group energy session and picking up my kids from school. AJ is taking me and my children out to my favorite place to dinner over looking the Severn River and the Naval Academy.

I’m able to FIT MORE in my life because I have expanded my capacity to receive.

Through continually stretching out of my comfort zone and releasing the toxic emotions in my energy field,

I am able to step into my power and purpose as a woman, as a mentor, as a wife, and as a mother.

I am able to receive more peace, love, and joy in my life—which is really how I define AFFLUENCE

Why am I sharing this?>

My birthday brings up a flood of memories. Because for many, many years, I walked with a death wish in my heart.

In fact, on my 13th birthday, I attempted suicide. It was only half a bottle of Tylenol. Not enough to do the trick. Thankfully.

I swallowed 13 pills, for each year of my life. I reasoned—the bottle said don’t take over 12, so I took 13. I was numb. And I fell asleep. When I woke up, my ears were wringing for weeks. No adults knew.

Over the next 15 years, I visited the ER several times with nearly fatal attempts.

What I know is this:

There is a reason I am alive today. And I am grateful that God preserved my life so I can share this message with you.

You do not have to settle for anything less than fully living your purpose here on earth.

And too many of you stay in your comfort zone.

It is easy to read my story, and think—Oh, I am not that bad.

But if you feel anything less than PURE LOVE and JOY, you still have work to do.

I know I do.

That’s why I do energy work almost everyday. I release the toxic emotions from my past. I re-pattern limiting beliefs and create new energetic patterns so I step into my power as a woman, wife, mother, and leader.

Not clearing your energetic field of this toxic debris is like not bathing.

Can you imagine not bathing for days and weeks and months on end? If you don’t bathe, you stink.

And yet, you and I can get on a clarity call, and I can FEEL your toxic emotions just stagnating in your field. You think no one knows. But you are sending out this lower vibrational frequency, everywhere you go.

And then, you wonder why your employee quits on you. Or you have drama with your in-laws. Or you keep attracting financial chaos.

What is showing up in your life is a result of what you have going on in your energy field.

So people will come into your life to reflect for you what you need to heal.

So notice—what triggers you? Is it your kids, your co-workers, your spouse, driving on the road, your employee?

Break down the trigger to what is the feeling that person brings up in you?

Ask yourself: What is the pattern here? When did I feel this way in my childhood?

What you bring your attention to, you can heal.

There are more steps to this process, which I’ll share more later.

But it starts with awareness.

Happy Birthday to me! And to you! I’m so glad we could have this conversation. Share you thoughts with me.


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