The Shocking Truth About Scarcity Mindset And While People Stay Broke

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Guess what? It’s not about the money. 

When I was struggling with financial debt, I attended a 12-step group where I heard this saying:  “It’s not about the money.”

“What do you mean, it’s not about the money?” I asked.  That blithe statement contradicts all common sense. 
Yet now, I know this adage is true! 
If it is not about the money, what lies underneath the mind chatter about money woes

What would you be thinking about and doing if you didn’t have financial struggle? 

You have financial struggle because this vibration is comfortable. Subconsciously, you like it there. Otherwise, you would change. In fact, if you were like me, you may even be addicted to financial struggle.

That is why when we are presented with an opportunity, with a clear plan to increase your list size, to enroll more clients, to close more sales, to  meet an influencer, we turn it away or we stop short. 

So often we get locked up in the familiar misery of financial struggle that 
we cannot see the abundance all around us

Today, I am sharing a question asked by a client in my group coaching program: 
“My main struggle right now, I think, is the poverty mindset that I cannot seem to overcome. My husband and I make 3 times now what we did years ago so I think we’ve broken the barrier to bringing in more money, but I still overspend and he still gets us in debt again and again. What am I missing???

Seriously…I don’t know what else to DO! What other action do I need to take?”

Here is my response to this question:

Whatever you focus on, grows.

Note: where are your strong passions and feelings? If you feel more passionate about your debt, you will attract more debt.
If you feel more passion and desire about growing financial abundance, you will grow financial wealth. 

How excited are you about growing your business? Enrolling more clients? Making strategy calls? Or are you more emotionally triggered by seeing your bank account and credit card balances? So that you just stay in fear? What do you think about most of the time?

Are you focusing on the problem or the solution? 

Your ability to see the solution right in front of you is a determiner of your success
Here is the number one reason most people stay in financial struggle:
…Drum roll please…. 

They lack a mentor. 

In my research interviews of highly successful people, I have found a common denominator: They each invested in working with a mentor

There is a model for success. And you can follow it. But most people stop at the money. “I cannot afford it.” 

The truth is: they cannot afford NOT to invest in getting support.

Yesterday, I spoke to a potential client again. We have kept in touch over the year.

Unfortunately, she is still stuck in the same emotional hurts from the past. And my heart aches for her.

With the right support, the old childhood story would be history. With the deep energetic support and accountability of a coach, she would be launching her successful business and enrolling clients. 

Instead, she is still afraid and unclear about what she wants.

Or are you in a group program, but you really need the individual support?

I know that my business would not be where it is today, if I had not upleveled and asked for private coaching. Why is this so? 

Because our minds are so wily. In a group setting, we hear the coaching, and then we do things our own way.

We settle for less.

And we get diminished results. 

Showing up to work with a coach privately–whether with me or another mentor who has demonstrated success–gives you the support, hand holding, accountability, and (if working with me) deep energy work to really get your results. 
If you are ready to move out of financial struggle and create a prosperous year in 2014, click here to schedule a clarity session with me. I have a few spots open before the holidays approach.
If you are SERIOUSLY committed to your vision (and know that your blocks are holding you back), then let’s jump on the phone next week. 


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