How to Overcome Inconsistency

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I’ve been thinking about you, and

why consistency is critical to you getting what you want.

I’m writing this post, while on Flex week,which means it’s my time to recharge. I work 3 weeks and take the last week of the month off. It’s a practice I adapted from my mentor. And I highly recommend it.

This week, my children are I are visiting the beach, visiting a local waterfall, paddle boarding the Chesapeake Bay, and whatever else strikes our heart desire.

Have you started a program, only to get distracted and veer another direction?

Or do you sabotage your attempt to commit before you even get started?

Or do you say you are going to do something, and family drama crops up, so you fall short on your commitments.

Is overwhelm a familiar default for you?

If you answer yes to one of these questions, here’s what to consider;

Inconsistency stems from a fear of intimacy.

I know because that was an issue I struggled with (and it still can crop up in unexpected ways).

Fear of intimacy drives us to distraction, getting catapulted from one task to another like a pinball in a pinball machine.

What would it feel like to get really intimate with the task you are doing? Whether it is washing the dishes? Playing with your kids? Implementing the next step in the program you are enrolled in?

Breathe. And feel into the task you are avoiding. Notice the feelings that are coming up and write them down.

Ask yourself:

What is the cost of not following through on your task?

Many times, I wanted to quit working on my dissertation. I was immersed in motherhood with young children, and we lived far from my university. I felt disconnected from my academic community. But I knew the psychic baggage of not finishing my PhD would always haunt me. So I persevered.

So here’s what to do:

Activate the vibration of love.

What would it feel like to love what you are doing?

To feel gratitude for all the messy objects in your house that need putting away?

To feel gratitude that you committed to get support and structure so that you can’t quit now?

To feel gratitude for the phone calls you need to make, that will require you to grow?

When you can shift to gratitude and love, you can overcome the fear of intimacy.

I’m off to a new family adventure. And my children are calling me.

But I hope you’ll consider where is inconsistency cropping up in your life.

And how can you commit to being more consistent?

Know that I’m here for you, if you need support.


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