What Are Your Patterns Costing You?

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Last week, we had a little scare at my home.
patMy 7-year-old injured his head at school. When I picked him up, my heart contracted a little.

His face sported a cut across his left cheek. His bottom lip, scraped and swollen.
The school had alerted me earlier about the concussion.

Jayce slipped while playing tag. He slammed his head against the playground equipment.
I monitored him the rest of the evening. He was subdued, not his usual self. He fell asleep early. He stayed home from school one more day.
With curiosity, I recounted the concussions he had experienced during his short 7 years: Three concussions.
Once while riding his bike down a hill, and he forgot to break. Thankfully, he was wearing a helmet. The second time, at the pool, he slipped on the concrete and ran into a metal pole. And now, this fall at his school.
Why did he experience 3 concussions and my other 2 children had none?
It dawned on me:
this was an energetic pattern.
In his subconscious, cellular memory, there lurked a pattern predisposing him to head injuries.
My husband played as an offensive linebacker in college. Head injuries, I’ve been told, were part of playing football.
To remedy this pattern, we applied energy work to release any generational memory and personal limiting beliefs that contributed to attracting more injuries.
You could argue that his injuries are circumstantial. Or that he experiences more injuries because he takes more risks or plays harder. Or you could chalk up his falls to being a boy.

But when you understand that your thoughts create your reality, you stand in a position to change.
Through muscle-testing, I discovered there were indeed beliefs about what it means to be a good athlete and playing tough and having fun—linked to getting injured.
As a mother, I am not in a position to control the outcome of whether he has more injuries. But if the recipient is willing, we can re-pattern any limiting beliefs that are attracting these circumstances.
What does this have to do with your ability to create an affluent life?

I share this story so you may observe: what are the hidden patterns tripping you up?
Do you attract team members or employees in your business who reaffirm your belief that you are not fully supported?
Do you attract family members in your life who reaffirm your belief that you have to do this all by yourself?
What does your current love life say about your beliefs?
Look at your house, your belonging, the events in your life. And ask yourself: why am I creating this? And if you do not like what is showing up, ask yourself: how can I change it?

What are your current patterns costing you in terms of money, career, love, health, and family?
When you ask the right questions, you are in a position to change.
What are those questions?
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