You Are A Powerful Creator

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You are a powerful creator. You can’t help it. You are designed in the image of deity.
So. . . what is showing up in your life?
Think about:

  • your family relationships
  • your love life
  • your children
  • your bank account
  • your house
  • your health
  • your current work.

Everything that surrounds you resonates with your past thoughts and feelings.

Take a moment and let that sink in. You have created the current state of your life.
Even the conditions in your life which may seem less desirable. . . these conditions are evidence of your power as a creator.
You do not need to blame or make excuses. You can shift when you ask yourself:
Ok. How can I create differently?
Your mind is infinitely powerful when you learn how to harness your thoughts.
So here is an exercise to help you shift, a prompt I learned from Bob Proctor.

Answer these 2 questions:

  1. What do you really desire?
  2. Do you expect that desire to be fulfilled?

You can shift what is showing up if you focus on what you want to create. I mean, harness your thoughts with your desire.

The above 2 questions are fundamental to creating the life you want.

You know I’m a big advocate of energy work because we can get to the root and clear blocks standing in your way. Energy work accelerates your progress.
But desire and expectation come first.

Answer the 2 questions below.

  1. What do really desire?
  2. And on a level of 1-10, what is your EXPECTATION that your desire will come into fruition?

Post your comment below and I’ll check in with you and “read” your energy to see if you are energetically aligned with your desire.


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