A Quick Tip to Identify Blocks

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Last month, I experienced a major healing in my relationship with a family member. First, there was cold silence, drama, and pain. Then, acknowledgement, naming, and forgiveness. Ah, I learned to so much through this experience!
(Click here to listen to the raw & intimate details. I share this story on Thursday’s call.)

My empathic sensitivities increased. The colors were brighter. I felt more connected to everyone I meet.

And here’s why I am telling you this.

My transformation revealed how we build up walls to protect ourselves.

The walls become blind spots. You might not know they exist.

The walls are like emotional bricks of stored “toxic emotions,” as Dawn Clark calls them. And the bricks block the flow of light, love, and Divine intelligence. These emotional toxic bricks prevent us from connecting deeply with self, others, and God.

You may have constructed the wall to protect yourself or keep you safe from experiencing more pain. You may have learned this pattern as a child. You could have inherited this pattern from your parents and/ or ancestors.

And focused energy work busts through that wall, so you can receive more love, joy, and abundance.

So here’s a quick tip to identify and work through your blocks:

Keep a journal.

What are the challenges in your life? Is it a relationship with a family member? Money? Your work?
Your love life?
Start noticing the pattern and connecting the pattern with other incidences in your life. Do you
see a common theme?

That pattern represents a block.
Ask yourself:

Am I being present with this person? Am I choosing to love? If you are feeling negative feelings, ask yourself: what is the story that I am telling about this person that is causing me strife?
[I learned this technique from my brother Trevor Allen, and he’ll be teaching the technique more deeply on a later call.]
What is the price of staying with this old story?
And I willing to let it go and choose to love?

I hope this helped you to identify and think about what is stopping you from fully loving, living, and receiving more abundance.

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