2 reasons Entrepreneurs Fail in Their Business.

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There are 2 reasons why entrepreneurs fail in their business: lack of a winning business strategy and/or money blocks.

When I first started out as a newbie entrepreneur, I enrolled in a few group programs. I am grateful for the skills I learned. But those skills did not translate to making money.

I made $2300 my first year. Not enough to pay for my children’s Montessori tuition, let alone my business operating costs.

But I had written down my vision statement for my business:

I am so happy and grateful to own a thriving healing practice, 10 sessions a week, booked 6 weeks out in advance. It feels empowering to pay for my children’s tuition ($30,000) out of my earnings. I am excited to make $60,000 a year. It feels rewarding to witness my clients transform their lives.

My vision was rather humble, but within 6 months, I radically surpassed my original vision, once I discovered the brilliant simplicity of a winning business model and committed to my plan. That commitment meant $20,000 investment in mentorship.

It’s not your fault you are missing out on a steady stream of ideal clients and consistent cash flow.
You are passionate about your message. You work hard at your business. But you still are not seeing the results that launch you and your family to financial freedom.

When your energy, vision, and your business strategy are perfectly aligned, you cannot stop the floodgates of abundance in your business. This is not hype.

I am passionate about teaching entrepreneurs this business model of list-building harnessing the Law of Attraction because if you do not have a list of at least 2000-4000 subscribers, you are squandering your time and resources. When you have a list, you have wind beneath your wings. Your business is able to take off. And when you see the response to your efforts, it energizes you to move forward.
Money blocks are the other reason why entrepreneurs fail in their business. I’ll share more about that on the next post. I understand it feels scary to invest in a program that shifts your prosperity when the limiting belief that there is not enough money is so deeply engrained.

The quickest way to blast through that money block is taking a leap. Saying yes to your vision.
I took a leap. And my ability to manifest more money–more than I can possibly spend–was waiting on the other side.

What is your vision for your business? Are you willing to do what it takes to realize your vision? Even if that means walking through a little fear…

Let’s start a conversation on money blocks. What would you like to know that I can address in the next post?


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