Successful Women Who Inspire Me

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I want to share with you some of the successful women who inspire me.

They are persistent, they are go-getters, they don’t ask for permission, and they certainly don’t let their inhibitions, internal blocks and self-doubt get the best of them (and yes they certainly have them!).
These amazing women are committed to their vision, living their life purpose and making a difference in the world.

Each of them have a story we can learn from…

Susan is a Shamanic Healer who is sharing her powerful healing work helping women step into their power.  Last year, Susan was waiting tables on the side with an unsure future.I admireher courage to face her fear and walk through uncertainty.

 What I’ve admired about Susan is her willingness to take one leap after another leap. She would tell you it didn’t happen over night. She likened it to going through 8 months of birthing her baby. Last week, she enrolled her first 4 clients and made over 10,000 in sales!

She is an amazing healer, so authentic and inspiring, so I marvel at her willingness to step fully into her power so she can lead others.

Sarah is a Health Coach who quickly built a community of over 2500 ideal clients through organizing the Health Warrior Summit. I admire her success mindset. She is the kind of person who decides and executes. She is a Naval Academy graduate (who went to school with my brother!) and holds a doctorate in physical therapy. But her passion for healthy, clean foods living grew from her experience living with her family in a toxic house. She discovered how to heal herself and her family.

Now, she is sharing her gifts with others and teaching her clients how to transform their lives and heal naturally.

Annemarie is a Integrative Health and High Performance Coach who is helping clients achieve success in their lives by changing their energy patterns.  She is building a powerful business where income flows and lives are transformed. She made the leap from an energy healer making $1000/ month to quadruple her income to $4K/month over the past several months. Annemarie has such a calming, authentic presence and unique intuitive gifts working with energy. It’s been so inspiring to see her journey and the impact she is making on her clients because she is willing to STOP PLAYING SMALL. She has business clients who have completely turned their businesses around after her receiving her energy coaching.

Bonnie Glendinning

Bonnie is a Artist Coach who is inspiring her clients how to create a profitable income through their art.  She took a leap to leave her profitable job as a graphic designer to doing the work she really loves. Bonnie organized a summit for artists and creatives that quickly drew of community of over 4500 raving fans. Her topic and teachings has been sorely needed for the artist community who are so stuck in the starving artist consciousness.
Why am I sharing all these success stories?
Each of these women had something MAJOR trying to prevent them from building their business.
Motherhood, marriage, divorce, struggling finances, … and each of them learned how to overcome what was showing up in their life and breakthrough the resistance to create abundance in their lives.

I remember thinking that real success was for someone else, not me.

When you are living your purpose, mastering your mindset, clearing your blocks, and breaking through your resistance, you live in the energy of CERTAINTY and CONFIDENCE.That’s what I want for you…


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